Tomorrow is National Apple Day

October 20, 2009
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We're celebrating National Apple Day tomorrow (Wednesday 21 October)  with apple and cider expert Keith Goverd who is coming to Eden for a Q and A session.

We're big fans of Keith, a specialist with 40 years experience of the technological make up of cider and juice from different apple varieties.

He has established a successful business making a range of juice (including single variety juice), cider and cider vinegar.

Keith has advised people keen to establish orchards, juice or cider production on commercial production and processing of their fruit and is one of the people actively concerned about correct identification and recording of apple trees growing in Cornwall.

He established Bath Farmer's Market of which he is chairman.

This man knows his stuff people!

If you'd like Keith to identify any of your applies, please bring along 4-6 representative apples. Or just come along for a chat.

 There's more on National Apple Day on the website

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  1. Simon says:

    Excellent. Great to see people celebrating Apple Day and raising the profile of growing apples and other fruit in the UK.

    The Common Ground website is worth a visit to read more about traditional orchards:

    These websites also have lots of useful information on food production systems based around fruit trees like forest gardening, that people can grow in their own garden:
    Agroforestry Research Trust ( and Plants for a Future (

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