Wish upon a star

December 8, 2010
Author: Mikki

Try making these teeny origami wishing stars as Christmas decorations. A bit like blowing out the candles on a cake, this is your chance to make a wish. When you’ve finished folding the stars - a kind of fortune cookie in reverse - you can hang them on the tree, store them in a jar for effect, or scatter them across the table as a decoration.

Try making the stars with the kids on a rainy day in the lead up to Christmas, using coloured paper, old wrapping paper or even newspaper.

How to make an origami wishing star:


Start with a strip of paper 11 inches long by 1/2 inch wide. Write your message or wish on the inside of the paper strip.


Make a loop at one end of the paper. Feed the shorter end through the loop and tighten. This should form a loose knot at one end.


Pull both ends of the strip to tighten and form a pentagon. Flatten. The pentagon will have a long tail and a short tail. Fold the shorter end against the pentagon and tuck it into the pocket. If it’s too long just cut a bit off.


Turn the pentagon over. Fold the longer end along the pentagon so that the edges meet. Make sure you keep the pentagon shape.


Turn over and fold again. You must make sure you keep the edges of the pentagon straight. Continue folding until you have folded most of the strip and you are left with a small tail.


Fold the short end against the pentagon and tuck it into the pocket. Again if the end is slightly too long, just cut a bit off.


Hold the pentagon between two fingers by its edge. Using your nails, dent the edge slightly so that you start to puff out your star. Repeat this for each side. Your star is now ready!


If you wish to hang your stars, all you need to do is thread a needle and push it through one side of the point to the other. Tie up the loose ends of the thread and hang.

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