Calling volunteers for Cornish orchard survey

April 18, 2011
Author: Hannah

Eden is helping do vital research on Cornwall’s orchards – and we’re looking for people to help with this between now and the end of May.

It’s part of a national initiative to record biodiversity within these important habitats. Now that orchards are listed as one of the ‘priority habitats’ for conservation action by the government’s Biodiversity Action Plan, the People’s Trust for Endangered Species is creating a map of UK orchards – and we want to add Cornwall to this 

A similar survey in Worcestershire found 1,800 species of living creatures in orchards, including the rare Noble Chafer Beetle, which lives in decaying fruit trees. How many plants and animals might we find in Cornwall’s?

The Cornish orchard biodiversity survey will take place in and around the River Fowey until 27 May. If you’re knowledgable about natural history, botany, zoology, ornithology, fungi or insects, and would like to join in, please contact

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  1. Lamin Kuru Kongira says:

    biodiversity, is the most important field that one can study, it enables you learn different aspect of the universe, its enjoyable to find yourself in the wildlife dealing with reptile, mammals, fauna and flora

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