Why do whales do pink poos? Do people really drink poo coffee?

May 18, 2011
Author: Hannah

Why do we all poo? What’s in it? Where does it end up? How have toilets changed over time?

We’ve scoured the planet to find out everything you ever wanted to know about poo – and perhaps a few things you never even thought to ask.

Here are five taster facts below, but check out the rest on our whole loo roll full of Top poo facts.

1. Dung helps hippos find their way
Hippos use their poo as a kind of compass, navigating at night by the dung trail they’ve left during the day.

2. Poo is meant to smell bad
Humans are programmed to be repelled by the smell of faeces, so that they don’t touch them and get sick.

3. Dung is a great fuel
In some parts of the world, people make briquettes – like barbecue coal – out of cattle or yak dung. These are dried out on sunny walls and burnt in stoves. They help take the pressure off forests to provide firewood.

4. Some people drink poo coffee
The most expensive coffee comes from the poo of Asian palm civets. These small, cat-like animals eat the coffee beans, passing them whole through their system, which locals then collect and sell to coffee dealers. The dark, chocolaty brew sells at around £50 a cup.

5. The Romans invented sewers
The ancient Romans built outside loos directly over the running waters of sewers, which poured into the Tiber River. The Romans also gave us the word ‘faeces’, which originates from a Latin word meaning dregs.

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2 responses to Why do whales do pink poos? Do people really drink poo coffee?

  1. tsansy says:

    Who is frikin bored enough to put this all together

  2. yhad says:

    you funny

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