Top 10 tips for lovers of bees

June 22, 2011
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According to the British Beekeepers Association, one third of the food we eat would not be available if it wasn’t for bees. It’s obvious that we all need to show some love for the humble bumble and here are a few simple things you can do:

1. Find space for a beehive
Crops of peas and beans will grow better, fruit trees will crop well with perfectly formed fruit and your garden will be buzzing, if you have a beehive. So, if you have space in your garden, buy our new Eden Project bumblebee lodge. It comes with its very own bee colony and is based on traditional beehive designs.

2. Plant bee-friendly plants
Honey bees are love most herbs, daisy-shaped flowers and fruit trees so be sure to grow these in your gardens. Our shop stocks lots of great bee-friendly plants and seeds that can help to get you started. Try our lavender plants, wild meadow seed selection or the beautiful tea tree.

3. Be friendly
Bees only sting when provoked, so, if you see a bee, or feel scared around bees, stay calm and walk away slowly.

4. Protect swarms
If you see a bee swarm contact the local authority and they will contact a beekeeper to collect the swarm. Swarms are gentle and present little danger but they can be made aggressive if disturbed or sprayed with water.

5. Avoid the use of pesticides
Honey bees are not immune to pesticides, so wherever possible use gardening methods and plant strengtheners that are organic.

6. Buy your friends a honey lover’s gift bag
Encourage friends and family to ‘love the bumble’ with an original Eden Project honey lover’s gift bag.  It includes Heatherbell Cornish honey, a bee-happy lavender plant, a honey lip balm and an Eden jute bag.

7. Do not throw out unwashed honey jars
Honey from overseas can contain bacteria and spores that are very harmful to honey bees. Bees may feed on any remaining honey which may infect them and then spread through the colony, potentially resulting in its death. Always
wash out honey jars and dispose of
them carefully.

8. Encourage local authorities to use bee-friendly plants in public spaces
Many local authorities recognise the value of planning gardens, roundabouts and other areas with flowers that attract bees. Encourage your authority to improve the area you live in by adventurous planting schemes.

9. Learn more about this fascinating insect
Honey bees have been on the planet for about 25 million years! Find out if there are any beekeeping groups near you or events you can attend. You can find out lots from the British Beekeepers Association.

10. Become a beekeeper
And enjoy your own honey! Five reasons to learn beekeeping.

A big thanks to the West Cornwall Beekeepers Association for inspiring us with wise words and demonstrations at the recent Royal Cornwall Show.

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2 responses to Top 10 tips for lovers of bees

  1. Ash says:

    I just wanted to share a book I came across on bees check it out if its of any interest.

  2. Janae says:

    My first top bar hive came thru the snowiest February of all time here near Pittsburgh. I had put hay bales on top and on each side. The one comb I reobbd last year had knotweed honey, dark and delicious. I have never been around a hive before and did this with my mentor from GA via cell and internet, reading and adapting to this northern climate. No treatments, no chemicals. I did see varroa in the fall. Looking forward to a split or baiting a new hive. The warre looks great, but I can’t beat my TBH for it’s simplicity and ease for the beginning beekeeper.Regards,Carrie

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