How to make your own mini circus costumes

July 19, 2011
Author: Tom

Run away with the circus with these funny costumes. Become an amazing acrobat, a super strongman or a comical clown. You could then let your imagination run riot and design your own costumes!

Stuff you need

  • a picture of your face (or someone else’s face)
  • a colour printer to print off the templates (PDF) and the picture of yourself
  • card to mount the templates on
  • glue
  • scissors

How to create your person template and clothes

Step 1.  Click here to download the templates (PDF).

Step 2.  Print them off.

Step 3.  Print off the picture of your face (or someone else’s).

Step 4.  Stick every template onto a piece of card and cut them out.

Step 5.  Stick the picture of your face onto the person template.

Step 6.  Attach your chosen outfit to the person template by folding down the tabs on the clothes.

Tip: You can make your circus character stand up by attaching a pencil to the back with some tape and sticking the pencil in a lump of Blu-tack.

Safe play tip: Take extra care when using scissors!

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