20 things you can make with a cardboard box

August 12, 2011
Author: Tom

As part of our Festival of Play season, we’re offering loads of ideas for games and activities on the themes of outdoor play and circus fun to keep your kids occupied this summer.

We all know kids love to play with cardboard boxes. We quite like to play with them ourselves!  From a train to a castle and a secret tunnel to a pair of shoes, with a simple 'box of tricks' and a pile of waste packaging let the fun begin…

20 things you can make:

• Boat

• Playhouse

• Car

• Monster

• Lorry

• Flowers

• Helicopter

• Chair

• Dog

• Aeroplane

• Castle

• Caterpillar

• Dolls house

• Secret tunnel

• Robot

• Shoes

• Train

• Hat

• Assault course

• Scooter

Share some of your best makes with us so we can add to the list.

To start creating gather together as many of the following as you can:

• as many bits of cardboard and plastic you can

• a thick marker pen or paints to decorate your structure

• and, if you want to get really professional, a Makedo kit

What is a Makedo kit?

Makedo have created an innovative connector system, which allows you to connect and shape cardboard, plastic and fabric to create the most brilliant objects and structures. A bit like DIY meccano on a large scale.

With hinges and attachment pins as well as a safety saw, the Makedo set means you will never have to use scissors or tape again. The best thing is, once you have created your cardboard masterpiece you can reuse the Makedo tools all over again. You can buy the Makedo kits from the our online shop or find out more at makedo.com.au

Remember to keep all kind of packaging for your magical builds:

• Bubble wrap

• Coffee cups

• Egg boxes

• Toilet roll tubes

• Plastic bottles

• Ice cream tubs

• Kitchen roll tubes

• Bottle tops

• Tissue boxes

• Cup holders

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