Great gardening ideas that make lovely gifts

August 1, 2011
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At Eden, our exhibits include more than a million plants, showing how they provide us with food, fuel, materials and medicines. A visit to our beautiful plant collection is also wonderfully relaxing and inspiring. If you know someone who cares about plants and the natural world, you can be sure they’ll love our shortlist of top gardening products. Perfect gifts for garden lovers everywhere.

1.  Compostable watering cans
Watering cans that are made from 100% renewable materials and minerals, which means they're as hard-wearing and versatile as plastic, but much better for the environment. And, even better, they turn to compost when you want to get rid of them.

2. Bumble bee nester
A fully functioning nest for bumble bees that will help to encourage bees in your garden. It provides dry, secure nesting and, while such nesters were traditionally made from straw or wicker, this ceramic construction is a modern interpretation of a centuries-old design.

3. Composting worms
Hungry little tiger worms are fantastic at turning your garden waste and food scraps into compost. They’re extremely efficient little beasties and love nothing more than eating away at organic waste.

4. Guerilla seedbomb kit
Clever seedbombs and grenades that can be used to transform wasteland, derelict areas or even your own garden, turning it into a paradise of beautiful plants and flowers.

5. Eden Project gardening spork
What to use...a spade or a fork? Worry no more! Made from boron carbon steel, our highly unusual Eden Project sporks are a spade and a fork in one. Far stronger than stainless steel they also have a lovely hardwood handle. Tough enough to last a lifetime!

6. Biodegradable leaf sack
Watch your leaves turn into a bag of beautiful compost with our clever biodegradable leaf bags. Simply leave them in a corner of the garden and nature will do the rest.

7.Recycled leather gardener's kit
A crafty little kit, made from recyled leather, it sits on your belt and helps you to keep everything handily in one place.
Includes scissors, plant labels and dibbers.

8. Fold-up secateurs with hidden tools
An indispensable pair of secateurs that you can easily carry in your pocket. They fold up neatly and include a handy garden knife, mini saw and weeder hidden away in the handle. The perfect gardening companion.

9. Teapot bird nester
A highly original nester, this teapot provides an open nesting spot just perfect for friendly robins. It also looks great tucked into plants or hung on the garden wall.

10. Gardening at Eden
If you ever wanted to grow bananas in your back garden, or achieve the sights and smells of the Mediterranean in your greenhouse in Cumbria, this book will help you on your way. All gardeners will love this ‘how to’ guide.

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