How to plan your own neighbourhood

September 28, 2011
Author: Hannah

Ever wanted to have a go at designing your own neighbourhood? Ever felt that you and your neighbours know best where the extra bike lanes should go, where you could do with some extra parent-child parking spaces? Or that your community could run the recycling services better than the council does?

Mother and child in community hall with model town

The chances are that you’d do a very good job, armed with all that local knowledge.

Until recently, we’ve had little say in how we want our communities to grow or change, but now, the planning system is changing and people are being given more control over the shape of their communities.

While the term ‘neighbourhood planning’ might not get you all fired up, what these changes mean in practice is that, together with others in your area, you could make things happen! Things like:

  • getting better bus routes-creating a community green space or orchard
  • designing affordable housing for the area
  • running a local enterprise, like a shop, pub or even cinema
  • taking a local service into your own hands, such as the recycling collection

At Eden we’ve put our heads together with a group of like-minded organisations to offer support and inspiration to individuals and communities wanting to get involved in this type of thing.

Through the Building Communities consortium you can get your hands on:

  • free expert advice and workshops, offering fun, creative and practical sessions to help you develop your neighbourhood
  • free study trips for community groups to see people-led projects in action, from parks and gardens to homes
  • inspirational case studies of other communities who’ve taken things into their own hands, including one Merseyside resident group’s regeneration drive, the Bristolians that teamed up with architecture students to rebrand their inner-city area, and the London neighbourhood that wants to create the first ‘urban Parish Council’.

Check out our neighbourhood planning pages to see what you could do!

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