Musical instruments from around the world are making music sweeter

September 29, 2011
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Our new collection of fairly-traded musical instruments from around the world give everyone the chance to make music and, for children especially, experience the joy of making new sounds without breaking the bank.  Buy a whole orchestra’s worth to really get the party going!

Frog Instrument

If you’ve got lots of energy and love making lots of noise why not try our Frog Instrument? A beautifully crafted wooden percussion instrument made from the jack fruit tree, it’s hand carved in Vietnam and Thailand where the sustainable wood grows in abundance.

Djembe Drum

For those of you who really like to feel the beat we’ve got just the drum for you. The Djembe originated in West Africa, and has become popular the world over. To play this drum you ‘slap’ the top from the centre outwards or around the edge. The skin is tied on with a nylon cord so you can even alter the pitch to find your own unique sound.

Mini Panpipes

For smaller music makers, our Mini Panpipes are a wonderful introduction to woodwind instruments. First made by the Incas, panpipes were used to communicate with the gods by imitating the whistle of the wind. Whip them out on a blustery day and play them in your garden or the local park for the full experience!

Peruvian Flute

All you budding recorder players out there will love our Peruvian Flutes. Hand crafted from bamboo in a small family workshop, these flutes have a lovely earthy, woody sound. Originally from the mountains of Peru these intricate flutes are decorated with traditional South American motifs.


Looking for something a little more unusual? Maybe our thumb pianos will strike a chord. These traditional African instruments made from hollowed out coconut shells and hand painted, sound just as beautiful as they look. Create rhythm and melody by lightly striking the keys with your thumbs.

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One response to Musical instruments from around the world are making music sweeter

  1. lesley says:

    we have a frog instrument and we love it. It lives in the bathroom and gets played constantly. mini pan pipes are good too, especially when my 8 year old wakes me up with them!

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