Recycled products that are making rubbish beautiful

September 2, 2011
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We’ve added a whole new range of cool recycled stuff to our webshop. Each item takes everyday rubbish and transforms into something useful and lovely.  They make perfect gifts and all have an interesting tale to tell.

Bottle tops into shoulder bag

Formerly a bunch of old ring pulls, this classic bag is a spectacular, crocheted, affordable work of art. It’s big enough to keep all your essentials safe but small enough to add a touch of glamour to any outfit. Each bag is handmade by linking hundreds of recycled ring pulls together. They are made in a community project in Salvador in Brazil, providing a much needed boost in sustainable income for the team.



Wine bottles into glass necklace
Inspired by the sea, and lovingly made in Cornwall by hand, this gorgeous range of necklaces and bracelets are made using the waste glass leftover from the production of beer and wine bottles. Yes, really.

This bag is brilliant. Not only is it a great size it’s also made out of old cement sacks, which means it’s also very strong. Handmade by a fair trade cooperative in Southern Bangladesh, this bag, and the other items in the collection, are a great way to recycle the large numbers of cement sacks that are prevalent in Bangladesh.


Iron cogs into kitchen stool
Made out of reclaimed timber and cogs from redundant industrial buildings these sturdy stools are incredibly robust so great for busy kitchens. They truly show off how to make something stylish out of what at first glance might seem like a load of old iron.

Recycled beer bottle into stemmed glass
Another great use for beer bottles, this time turning them into stylish glasses. Eden has it’s own range of beers and to ensure we’re waste neutral we recycle the old bottles by turning them into these stunning looking beer glasses.

Vending coffee cups into placemat and coaster set
It looks and feels very much like slate but this mat and coaster set is actually made from recycled vending machine coffee cups. One set of placemats equates to a bin liner full of coffee cups. We really like how the coaster pops out of the middle! Not just great recycling but clever design.

Old woolly jumpers into stylish throws

These stylish throws are hand made from old woolly jumpers, cardigans and other discarded wool. All the buttons, zippers and poppers are removed from the garments, leaving only the wool which is recycled into these lovely blankets.



Aluminium cans into photo frame
These lovely photo frames are a great way to turn old aluminium into something to treasure. Each one is hand crafted out of recycled aluminium using an age old sand casting technique with sustainably-sourced wood as a backing material.
You can find out lots more about Eden’s approach to recycling and waste in this video.

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  1. helen willis says:

    Hello there ! I have just started making jewellery from bike parts that normally get thrown away when worn out or broken ! We do a lot of biking !! I was wondering whether you would like to take a look and see if you would like to sell it at the Eden shop ? Many thanks for your time and consideration and hope to hear from you soon ! I live at Treesmill so its not far to come ! Helen

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