Perfect Christmas presents for 5 to 10 year olds

November 16, 2011
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Take a look at our popular selection of Christmas presents for children aged between 5 and 10.  They've been handpicked by our own children for their originality and creativity, and are loved by us because they offer something for every budget.

Plus they keep small people busy well beyond Christmas Day.


Kids Den Kit
With its tarpaulin, groundsheet, mallet, tent pegs, tent peg bag, rope, metal mug, camouflage paint and webbing haversack , this kit provides the perfect place for young adventurers to enjoy the outdoors. Use it as a base camp, hide-out or the best of secret headquarters.

Recycled Tyre Swing
Brilliantly demonstrating how you can take something that would ordinarily be seen as rubbish and turn it into a great fun play thing that young kids love. Our recycled tyre swing kit is made by a group of ex-fishermen in Cornwall who are turning their hand to providing fabulous outdoor play equipment.

Jigsaw Puzzle Maker
This jigsaw puzzle maker helps kids to turn waste paper into their own jigsaw puzzle blocks. It's a great toy to understand the whole recycling process. Just think, if kids set their mind to it over Christmas, they could create the world's largest puzzle out of recycled paper.

Kid's Worm Farm
Our kids worm farm is a prize-winning educational tool that helps children to understand the importance of recycling waste food using composting worms. Children feed the worm farm with food scrap and watch as it turns into soil, when a seed can then be planted. The pod's self-watering system will grow it into a plant.

Insect Eating Plants
Kids love our regular Freaky Nature season at Eden, where our insect-eating plants play a starring role. That's why we knew they'd like our new insect-eating seed kits, which mean kids can test the plants out in the comfort of their own homes. The famed Venus Flytrap, and the monster meat-eating pitcher all play a part, and if you can't decide which scary plant to grow opt for the selection pack.

Stormy Seas Game
This clever game is fun for all the family as the crew try to balance the boat's mixed up cargo on the rough Cornish sea. Well, it was Cornish when we played! Lots of fine balancing and concentration are needed or your valuable cargo may be lost.

Kid's Wooden Deckchair
Made from solid beech, our kids wooden deckchairs are perfectly sized for little ones. Being just the right size means they won't struggle to get out and can carry it themselves to the beach or round the garden.

We've got lots more Christmas gift guides including presents for under-5s, teenagers, keen gardeners and foodies.

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  1. Jessica says:

    It's very nice. It gave me some great ideas for my younger brother and sister.

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