How to make origami Christmas decorations

December 4, 2011
Author: Mikki

Advent calendar day 4

A group of coloured mini origami starsTry making these simple origami Christmas decorations with the kids.

They’re a creative, cheap and green way of decorating your home for the festive season.

You can use anything from old wrapping paper to scraps of card.

We’ve put together some really simply instructions that you can download for making mini origami wishing stars and origami Christmas trees.

Origami Christmas treeBoth of them look fab hanging from a tree or a fireplace, strung up as garlands, or to bring a spot of colour as a table decoration.


If you’re visiting Eden between now and 18 December 2011, pop into our Hive of Activity, where we’re running free craft sessions. Throughout the month on our online Advent calendar, we’ll be bringing you more ideas and tips on preparing for Christmas, plus the chance to win prizes.

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  1. poppy says:

    Well first you cant make a loop in paper so i couldnt make it but i still read through it and its got good instructions!

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