Top ten ethical Christmas presents

December 3, 2011
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If you’re in need of some inspiration for Christmas gifts this year, take a look at our top ten ethical Christmas presents. Picked by our team because they’re either recycled, fairly traded,  locally sourced, or help promote sustainable living, each one has a story to tell.


1. Go Green board game, £22.95

Wheelbarrows, pigs, chickens, haystacks and lots of fruit and veg. This is the ultimate game for those who fancy living the good life but have not quite made it to the allotment yet. The first person to fill their garden and fatten their pigs wins.


2. Recycled butterfly bracelet, £14.50

This exquisite bracelet is handmade using recycled acrylic. Married with a fine silver chain, the butterfly bracelet is a beautiful example of how we can reuse and recycle a material that would normally end up in landfill.


3. Cement bag garden tool carrier, £34.50

This bag is brilliant. Not only is it a great size for lugging all the garden tools around, it’s also made out of old cement sacks, which means it’s very strong. Handmade by a fair trade cooperative in Southern Bangladesh, its a great way to recycle the large numbers of cement sacks that are prevalent in Bangladesh.


4. Provide a shelter for creepy crawlies! £13.75

Help encourage pollination with this one-house-fits-all bug box. It attracts bees, ladybirds and lacewings just to name a few. Give them a home over winter to protect them from the cold snap.


5. The Carbon Monster, £5.99

The story features a boy named George, who notices a line of tiny footprints behind him. As days go by, the footprints get bigger and bigger, but who do they belong to and why are they following him? The Carbon Monster is a storybook explaining ‘carbon footprints’ to young children, tackling environmental issues in a positive and fun way.

6. Water powered maxi clock, £15.00

Clean energy couldn’t get any cleaner! Simply add water to power this LCD display which provides a clock, the date and time. This quirky clock is bound to brighten up any office.


7. Seedbomb making kit, £5

Engage in random acts of guerrilla gardening with our seed bomb making kit. Produce your own bombs, which encase seeds in a protective coating until the conditions are right for them to explode with colour.


8. Napkin ring and placename set made out of recycled coffee cups £10.25

These napkin ring and placename sets have been made out of recycled coffee cups despite looking like slate. They come with a piece of chalk so you can write your guests names on the wipeable surface.It’s a great way of personalising your table for a dinner party or family Christmas meal, and makes for an interesting conversation starter.


9. Kids’ wooden deckchair, two for £40

Not many chairs are organic, but these sweet kids’ deckchairs are made using organic cotton slings designed by Ley Honor Roberts and printed just 5 miles from the Eden Project. Made from sustainably-sourced solid beech, they look great and are extremely hardwearing.


10. Compostable watering can, £5

These colourful , ompostable watering cans are completely natural and made from 100% renewable materials and minerals. So they have the same hardwearing and versatile uses as plastic, but without harming the earth.

If you’re still in need of inspiration, take a look at our range of gift guides with ideas for gardeners, teenagers, toddlers, foodies and even those who love chocolate and coffee.

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2 responses to Top ten ethical Christmas presents

  1. Lisa Waugh says:

    Great gifts from Eden I visited earlier in the year and i was inspired by the whole place. keep up the good work.

  2. JULIE DALY says:

    some fab ideas

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