Why use bamboo?

December 22, 2011
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Eden bamboo house

It’s easy to underestimate the humble bamboo as just panda food. But in fact many people rely on it around the world. It's such a versatile material, providing scaffolding, clothing, tools, paper, chopsticks, bikes, toys, food and drink, to name just a few.

Bamboo is actually a type of grass – one of the fastest growing on the planet. It can easily grow four feet in a single day without the need for pesticides, irrigation or fertiliser; a farmer's delight. It also acts as a wonderful air purifier by emitting up to three times more oxygen than a tree of the same size.

At Eden, we want to showcase the important link between people and nature, so we don’t just grow bamboo, we’ve even built a house out of it in our rainforest Biome. Check out this video of Martin explaining how Eden have harnessed the power of Bamboo. There are plenty of bamboo products for sale in our webshop, too, so you can incorporate it into your life as well.

Here are our top five bamboo products:

Despite being incredibly robust, bamboo produces luxuriously soft fabric, which is exactly what we want in a cuddly teddy bear. These bears are stuffed with recycled materials too, so they’re totally eco-friendly. With embroidered eyes and a cloth nose, any child will love this toy.


We have a vast bamboo kitchenware section, featuring chopping boards, spoons, bowls and more. Unlike plastic chopping boards, where knife grooves can harbour bacteria, bamboo's natural antibacterial properties mean it neutralises bacteria left on the wood - just what you want in a chopping board.


Our bamboo toys are coated in brightly coloured non-toxic paint, so they’re both safe and fun for little ones. These durable toys can be happily passed down siblings for years and will always be a favourite in the toy box.



These tall nesting baskets are hand woven in rural villages in Vietnam to supplement farmers’ low income. They’re made out out of bamboo fibres and deceptively strong. They come in a variety of colours to brighten up your home, whilst also brightening up farmers’ lives.



Bamboo baby utensils and bowls are a great eco friendly alternative to plastics. These are durable, lightweight, and robust – a good combination in a baby’s determined hands. They’ll even biodegrade when you don’t need them any more. This solid bowl is made of one hollow bamboo stem.

If there is a sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to plastic or metal, why use anything else?

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2 responses to Why use bamboo?

  1. Chloe says:

    Was the bamboo used to build the house grown in the biomes?

  2. Hannah says:

    Hello, we built the Rainforest Biome's Malaysian Hut with our own bamboo (we used bamboo from elsewhere for the Bam Bam's structure near the baobab smoothie stall). You can find out more about the Malaysian Hut in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LEOospy9pYQ

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