Cornish pasty world map

February 24, 2012
Author: Tom

In anticipation of the World Pasty Championships at Eden on Saturday 3 March 2012, we’ve put together a Google Map (see below) of similar handheld, filled snacks from around the world. While some are directly related to the Cornish pasty, others are merely similar in their size, shape and portability. Click on the pasty icons to read descriptions and see photos.

It’s hard to trace the links between some of these snacks, although the Cornish pasty tradition did travel far and wide in the 19th century when Cornishmen crossed the world spreading their mining expertise. What is common to all of these snacks is that they’re cheap, easy to carry and eat, and versatile: these pastries and dumplings can be stuffed with practically any filling!

If you know some more handheld snacks that should be added to the map, let us know below this blog, or post some pictures on our Facebook Wall, or via Twitter.

It’s worth noting that not all the snacks detailed on map are exclusive to the countries shown – versions of the snacks are often found in surrounding areas.

Many thanks to Keith Ryan, whose Cornish Pasties website provided inspiration for this map.

View Cornish pasties and their relations in a larger map

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3 responses to Cornish pasty world map

  1. Lance Dyer says:

    In Greece they have cheese (or cheese/spinach etc) pies which are a bit like pasties–little-cheese-pies-.aspx

  2. Carrie Clark says:

    Pasties are a regional treat in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and northern Wisconsin. They came over with the Cornish miners and were adopted by the Finnish miners, too. The interesting thing is that people of Finnish descent in the area now consider pasties a traditional Finnish food! Bridgeport Pasty in Chicago is spreading the pasty love south.

  3. Norma Roberts says:

    There’s a thriving Cornish Pasty shop in Kadina, South Australia where the biennial Cornish Festival of “Kernewek Lowender” is celebrated. Copper miners arrived in the area from Cornwall in the 19th Century and the pasties made in Kadina on the Yorke Peninsula are much enjoyed by the local pie loving Aussies!

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