Live updates from the World Pasty Championships

March 3, 2012
Author: Tom

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Here are a few more details of some of the unusual combinations used by the winners of the open savoury pasty categories.

Open savoury amateur

World Pasty Champion - Suzanne Manson's gamekeeper's pasty with wild rabbit poached in cider with leeks, finished with peas and lemon zest.

2nd - Laura Jayne Atkinson's Cornish yarg, cream cheese and black trumpet and king oyster mushrooms pasty.

3rd - Gem Witchall's fruits of the forest pasty with squirrel and rabbit meat, wild mushrooms, native nuts and herbs.

Open savoury professional

World Pasty Champion - Graham Cornish's classic Cornish fish using smoked fish from Tregarda smokehouse with parsley and saffron.

2nd - Luisa Ead's steak and Cornish Blue cheese pasty with beef, potato and onion.

3rd - Jay Sebastian's vegetarian pasty with spinach, cream sauce, mushroom and onions.

4.50pm And now for the big one...

Cornish Pasty Professional category

Pasty world champion: Graham Cornish (Ginsters)

2nd: Ryan Smedley (Chough Bakery, Padstow)

3rd: Jason Jobling (Warrens Bakery)


Cornish Pasty amateur category

Pasty world champion: Billy Deakin

2nd: Kathy Vian

3rd: Tamsin Bunt


Open Savoury Professional category

Pasty world champion: Graham Cornish (Ginsters)

2nd: Luisa Ead (Chough Bakery, Padstow)

3rd: Jay Sebastian (Bridgeport Pasty Co, Chicago)

4.30pm Results for World Pasty Championship, as they come in...

Open Savoury Amateur category

Pasty world champion: Suzanne Manson, wild rabbit in cider

2nd: Laura Jayne Atkinson, Cornish Yarg and mushroom

3rd: Gem Witchalls, squirrel and rabbit

Next announcement will be Open Savoury Professional category...

4.20pm The visitor centre is filling up with people awaiting the World Pasty Championship results, which are being announced in 10 minutes. All getting very exciting.

3pm Elaine Ead from Chough Bakery, Padstow, has been taking part in the pasty-making workshop and has passed on some excellent tips worth sharing. Work your pastry well, almost kneading it, and then put it in the fridge to chill before you even think about rolling. Also, work out how big you'll want your pasties to be beforehand and divide up you pastry into the required sizes before you chill. This saves a lot of time when you come to the rolling bit. You shouldn't need to use flour when rolling your pastry out. If you do, it suggests you haven't worked it well enough so it may break when you come to the crimping. Add a dab of clotted cream on top of your ingredients to help the gravy taste sweet and delicious.

2.50pm Dionne Peers from Wadebridge, Cornwall, has brought along her young niece Evie Watson who has travelled all the way from Australia. Evie took part in the pasty-making workshops so can now take her fine crimping skills back to Oz.

2.25pm Check out this specially baked pasty made from a 266-year-old recipe discovered at the Lost Gardens of Heligan and officially declared the first recorded pasty recipe in Cornwall.

1.56pm Judging has now finished in the Cornish pasty amateur category and has begun in the Open savoury pasty amateur category. There are rumours of a squirrel pasty!

1.06pm Just met Bill and Diana who've travelled to the champs all the way from New York City. As a Cornishman from Saltash, Bill's passion for the pasty has rubbed off on Diana, an Italian born foodie and travel writer. They shared a great story about a pasty shop they've found in Michigan that serves a decent enough pasty but also serves pasties with peas in them. Apparently the peas have been introduced as a result of a large Finnish community of miners in Michigan, who claim the pasty is a Finnish invention!  They're still on the hunt for a pasty in NYC but the closest they have found is an Aussie pie.

12.53pm Ed from Sharp's Brewery has just given a great talk on how to match your beer to your pasty. It's all about using the finest ingredients in your ales. Sharp's only use hop flowers. Ed says that a good analogy is comparing vanilla pod and vanilla essence: the best chefs would only ever use the pod.

Today Sharp's are serving Oggy Ale  brewed especially for the Championships by their head brewer, Stuart Howe. Its strong molasses flavours coupled with a dark bitter after-taste make it the perfect accompaniment to a traditional pasty.

For those who enjoy a cheese and onion pasty, Ed recommends Sharp's pilsner, which has lighter notes.

12.36pm Check out this giant pasty made by Colin Manaton. He entered a smaller version in the Championships, just managing to register before the deadline at 1pm yesterday!


12.10pm There's a great variety of pasties on sale today at Eden, including apple and custard!

11.42am Judging has begun in the Cornish pasty (amateur) category. Our 23 judges are munching their way through 31 pasties!

11.00am Hawaii's National Tropical Botanical Garden held a Pasty Day earlier this week in honour of our World Pasty Championships. The day was hosted by Sir Ghillean Prance, Eden's Scientific Director and a world authority on the flora and fauna of the rainforests.

According to Eden's Head of Research, Andy Jasper, who was also in attendance: 'It was a fabulous and quite hilarious day, and we wanted to link our international collaboration through the Pasty day by including a native Hawaiian ingredient to highlight a key project that takes NTBG’s work around the world through a global hunger initiative which is set to have populated areas of extreme hunger with over 5 million breadfruit plants by 2014.'

Andy's wife, Justine, who also hosted the event said: ‘We are about 8,000 miles from home but just like our mining forefathers, we’ve brought a little bit of Cornwall with us to this distant part of the world.’

10.34am Today four World Pasty Champions will be crowned at the Oggy Oscars Awards Ceremony at 4.30pm in the Eden Visitor Centre (where the ticketing desks are). The photo below shows the beautiful trophies that the winners will receive and the man who made them, David Forsyth of Driftwood Surfboards in Porthtowan, Cornwall. Thanks David!

What's more, they're made from balsa wood grown in Eden's Rainforest Biome!

10.20am Here's the full programme of live music and comedy, workshops and other entertainment for the day here at Eden:

  • 8:30 - 9:30 am: Eden Bakery - Pasty Registration
  • 10 – 10:40am: Eden Bakery - Aberfal Oggymen
  • 10 – 4pm: Med Deck Café - Sharp’s Real Ale Bar
  • 10 – 4pm : Med Deck Café - Kids' pasty modelling and activities
  • 11am:  Eden Bakery - Pasty Workshop
  • 11 - 11:20am: Med Stage- Kernow King
  • 11:30 - 11:50am: Med Stage - Eva B
  • 12 - 12:20pm: Med Deck Café - Talk from Ed Hughes of Sharp’s on Food and  Beer pairing
  • 12 – 12:20pm: Med Stage - Tom Elliot
  • 12 -12:50pm: Med Stage - Ollie Jinks
  • 1 – 1:40pm: Med Stage – Hedluv & Passman
  • 1:40 – 2pm: Med Deck Café - Talk from Ed Hughes of Sharp’s on Food and       Beer pairing
  • 1:50 – 2:30pm: Med Stage - Kola
  • 2pm: Eden Bakery - Pasty Workshop
  • 2:40 – 3:20pm: Med Stage – Charlie Wingfield
  • 3:30 – 4pm: Med Stage – Swansong
  • 4:30pm: Visitor Centre - Oggy Oscars Awards Ceremony

10.11am Good morning everyone! The day has finally arrived when pro and amateur pasty makers have come from far and wide to prove their pasties are the best. The Eden Project would like to wish all entrants the best of luck!

Keep up to date with goings-on by checking this blog throughout the day, and get involved on Twitter - tag your tweets #pastychamps

Four Cornish pasties


4 responses to Live updates from the World Pasty Championships

  1. alan cox says:

    left feeling a little bit gutted, i feel that the pastie's should have been on display to the public to view from the gallery, vision was obscured by the cameramen climbing all over the tables for a picture, even more gutting, was people could'nt see the judging, what i thought was going to be a funfilled day, turned out to be very disappointing

  2. Hannah says:

    Thanks for your constructive feedback Alan - we've passed this on to the team.

  3. Bob Foster says:

    I am suprised to see that Ginsters won the top award, as they use the wrong type of pastry. unless they used a different pastry for the competition.

  4. steve says:

    what a load of rubbish, ginsters,ginsters,ginsters.......machine made with thousands of staff....artificial flavours..
    the competition stands for nothing

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