10 tips for gardeners in June from the Eden Project

June 3, 2012
Author: Tom

1. When watering, new plantings and containers should take priority but fruit, veg and the lawn may also need water. Water the plant and not the bare soil to keep weeds in check.

2. Sow biennial plants, such as foxgloves, sweet William, honesty, verbascum, Iceland poppy, Miss Willmott’s Ghost (Eryngium giganteum), wallflowers, for flowering next year.

3. Plant out courgettes, sweet corn, pumpkins, dwarf, climbing and runner beans.

4. Start harvesting in earnest. Peas and beans, early potatoes, spinach, strawberries, raspberries, currents and gooseberries should all be ready. If carrots, beetroot and lettuce seem overcrowded gently pull a few young plants up to allow others to swell. Otherwise, visit a pick-your-own with the kids.

5. Keep picking sweet peas and perpetual flowering roses to keep them flowering. Dead heading bedding plants has the same effect.

6. Bedding plants, containers and house plants should now have a weekly liquid feed.

7. Pinch out side shoots from cordon tomatoes.

8. Stay ahead of annual weeds with a regular hoe. Dig out perennials such as dandelions before they produce more seed.

9.  Look out for pests such as vine weevil, lily beetle, blackfly and aphids and remove them.

10. Damp down in the greenhouse to raise humidity and reduce pests. Cool it down by opening vents, and put up shades or painting shade paint.

Thanks to Catherine Cutler

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6 responses to 10 tips for gardeners in June from the Eden Project

  1. sandra says:

    ” Peas and beans, early potatoes, spinach, strawberries, raspberries, currents and gooseberries should all be ready”.

    - You are joking! We don’t all live in Cornwall.

  2. Jules says:

    I do live in Cornwall (about two miles from Eden) and there’s no way my peas and beans are ready for picking, they haven’t even flowered yet – Eden’s micro climate must have protected theirs from the wet and chilly weather.

  3. sarah long says:

    I am always interested in advice but can I point out the garden tips are only relevant to the south of England. My peas and beans in the Scottish Borders are still just showing we ve had such a late spring and as for harvesting sweetpeas in june…we can only dream.

  4. Simon says:

    Calm down ladies these are only tips just wait for your crops….lol… Mine still coming out of the ground

  5. paul says:

    spring is almost a month and a half late this year and even bbc springwatch managed to figure this out. considering that the eden project is a major research facility you would think that they would realise this and be giving advice to gardeners that takes this into account, letting people know ways of speeding up plant development would be a key peice of advice, rather than generic useless advice with no bearing to the current climate!

  6. Eden Project says:

    We’re sorry that the content of this article does not necessarily reflect the seasonal conditions in the UK this year (2013). The article and video were, in fact, originally published last year and we accept that spring has been much later this year. We’re sorry for any disappointment, and we hope to produce new, more relevant gardening content soon.

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