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June 5, 2012
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The Eden Project Digital team is conducting some user-testing so we can make the website as easy as possible to use. We’re looking for a small number of people to take part in a simple online, card-sorting exercise that should take less than 15 minutes to complete.


If you can spare 10 to 15 minutes and fancy taking part, let us know. In return, you’ll receive free tickets to visit the Eden Project at a date to suit you.


Thanks to all those who’ve got in touch with us. We now have enough people for the first round of testing and we’ll email each of you back shortly with more information and a link to the online tool.

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6 responses to Be part of our testing team

  1. Jason Clark says:

    Volunteering to take part in the online survey but it’s not clear what you want me to write here.

    Jason Clark
    Headteacher Aged 39

  2. Lee Harvey says:

    I’d love to help you with your online testing.

  3. Karen Palmer says:

    I would to help
    Many thanks

  4. Karrie Fox says:

    I am happy to take part as a user tester.
    I am a computer savvy, 61 year old, Truro resident.

  5. J. David Hunter says:

    I would be interested in taking part later if you need more participants.

  6. Claire Stevenson says:

    Your new site is so disappointingly bland! And you are such a fantastic brand. We loved your old site. I appreciate accessibility is very important but surely you could have retained some of the personality, impact and visual engagement. Accessibility doesn’t need to be bland, generic design.

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