Small gardens and patio planting

June 18, 2012
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Our webshop is packed with ideas to help you make the most of your outdoor space. Whether you have a roof terrace, a small patio, a balcony, some decking or even just a path by the back door to play with, you can still create a mini haven to be proud of.

1. Plant upwards

Think about planting vertically if you haven’t much space on the ground. The sky’s the limit! What about a climbing hydrangea Or a pea and bean patio planter up the wall which you can harvest?

2. Add fun and quirky elements

Gone are the days of prim, polite gardens that require hushed library voices and best behaviour. The best contemporary gardens make you smile and feel utterly comfortable. They start conversations and cheer you up. At the Eden Project, we think there’s plenty to be said for injecting a little humour into your flower beds, which is why we’ve found some really quirky gardening  features for our online shop. How about bringing the great British seaside to your garden with these unusual sandcastle plant pots? Collect all three ice-cream coloured pots, and they’ll look great filled with bushy green herbs. And while you’re at the seaside, what about this beach hut bird box to set off the holiday vibe? In a small bijoux garden, every part of the garden should be enjoyed, so why not water your plants with a robin watering can? He looks great even when he’s off duty.

3. Brighten up your space with colourful flowers and vegetables

The secret to making the most of your outdoor space is to make the area as vibrant as possible. Add a splash of colour with bright perennials bursting out of planters. Or how about sweet red strawberries growing out of one of our patio planters? These are especially handy for a small garden, as the handles allow you to move the plants about to follow the sun. Or you could grow a flowering climbing plant and train it to disguise a drainpipe. Add a few bright delights like these, and you’ll create an impact with even the smallest space.

4. Attract birds, butterflies and bees

Even the smallest of gardens thrive when they are teeming with nature. Add some bees to create a hive of activity in your garden. You don’t need hours of time or a huge white costume to tend to these bees . ‘Solitary’ bees love little holes in wood, so are naturally attracted to these bee houses – just hang it up and wait for the bees to arrive. The best thing about having resident bees is that they make your vegetables more productive as they pollinate your plants. Or why not put a butterfly feeder in your garden? Butterflies are attracted to the UV paint on this feeder, and once you’ve added a sugar water solution your garden will be fluttering with these beautiful colourful insects.

5. Create a mini allotment

These seed boxes come complete with everything you need to grow a mini allotment so you can grow your own fruit and veg in the smallest of spaces. Each one comes with a range of easy to grow seeds, biodegradable rice pots, coir compost and information to help your garden flourish. They’ve thought of everything – from the poster telling you what to plant out when to the pencil to help you mark your progress. These seed boxes make a fun gift for both kids and adults.

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  1. sharon says:

    Please can you advise what plants (potted) would be a good idea for a tropical courtyard?

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