Food pairing - a few tips for the ultimate meal

October 11, 2012
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We're all huge food lovers here at Eden, and love nothing more than enjoying a nice glass of wine over dinner. Whether you want to push the boat out with a bottle of bubbly, or fancy savouring a glass of red on a rainy Sunday while your stew blips away on the stove, it's worth putting in some extra thought into what goes into your glass.

Although there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to pairing wine with your food, the right glass of wine, cider or beer can really enhance your dining experience.

Here's a quick breakdown of winning combinations from our webshop:

Sparkling white - lemon olives - kiln roasted nuts

This Cornish sparkling wine has won dozens of awards including the gold medal at the 2012 International Wine Challenge Awards. Begin your evening with a glass of this lively, full bodied wine with appetisers to wake up your palate. These lemon-stuffed olives complement the zesty, fresh wine.

Cornish Pilsner - curry - peach and mango chutney

A refreshing beer is a great match with curry. Our Eden Project pilsner provides a heady, aromatic flavour, which stands up to a bold spicy curry. This beer has been infused with thyme grown right here at Eden, which gives a savoury, slightly sweet taste. We love serving this with a peach and mango chutney as a deliciously fruity accompaniment.

White wine - mackerel - beetroot dressing

Crisp white wine is the best choice for oily fish like mackerel. Choose one with a light acidity, which cuts through the oiliness of the fish.This fresh tasting wine has been grown just off the Mediterranean coast, which is a clue that it'll be great paired with dishes from that region, like mackerel. Serve a chilled glass of this wine with grilled mackerel, a fresh salad and drizzle the lot with this beetroot dressing to add some earthy sweetness.

Cider - barbecue - garlicky barbecue sauce

Pork and apples have been paired together since apples were invented. It makes perfect sense to enjoy a cold glass of apple cider with your flame-licked barbecue pork chops. Our traditional cider is sweet and mellow - perfect for drinking with smoky meats. For a real burst of flavour, serve it with this garlicy barbecue sauce.

Rosé - spicy fish - chilli sauce

Cool, refreshing rosé works very well with spicy fish dishes. That's why it's often the tipple of choice for Thai food. The fruitiness of this rosé works well with the tangy sauce and the heat of the chilli.

Red wine - roast beef - horseradish sauce

Roast beef needs a full bodied, robust red wine to stand up to the big dark flavours of the meat. This wine from the Southern French coast has a lovely heavy mouthfeel, but hints of cherry and raspberry gives the wine a lovely lift. It works beautifully with roast beef, especially with a big dollop of artisan horseradish sauce on the side.

All our products are a bit like the Eden Project itself – beautiful and inspiring. We help to make a difference by manufacturing and sourcing recycled, Fairtrade, organic and sustainable products wherever possible.

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