How to create a business action plan for change

October 17, 2012
Author: Hannah

Eden’s business leadership team has been working with a whole host of companies to help them create change in their organisation – from Cornish hotels to multinational corporations such as Eli Lilly and EDF Energy.

We tailor each of our Green Foundation programmes to suit a business’s special focus, whether it be an interest in introducing sustainable operations or working out how to do things differently to secure a competitive advantage.

But what we always do on our immersive programmes is ensure that participants come away with a tangible action plan for change. We call it the Five As – and we’ve found that it works!

Here’s a taster of the practical tips that we offer businesses on the programme.

1. A vision
The thing about leaders is that they have a vision. Identify your vision and articulate it… be bold! Knowing the ins and outs of your business in its current form will help you identify where it needs to be in the future. Dare to imagine what great looks like and then establish your values to guide you there.

Delegate on Green Foundation programme

2. Argument
For any initiative or new idea you wish to implement in the business, think about how it supports the vision and make sure you can argue the business case for it. Think about who will sign it off and how you may need to tweak the argument to appeal to different audiences; from the Financial Director to the HR team and the Marketing Director.

3. Allies
To successfully implement any new initiative, you will need allies. But who are they, where are they and how could they help? Working collaboratively could be essential to make any initiative work – and remember, your best allies may be the ones you expect the least.

4. Approach
What will add sparkle and incentivise people to join you on the journey? Perhaps a touch of Eden’s hope, optimism and positive approach to engagement and communication could work. A bit of humour, tea and cake go a long way too! Don’t assume you have all the answers, but asking the right questions could lead you to the right answers.

5. Action Plan
Don’t expect change overnight – but do dive in and get on with things. Break down your initiative into chunks and implement it bit by bit, one step at a time, starting off with some quick wins to fire people up. Measure and monitor progress so you know where you are on the journey and, for every step that brings you closer your vision, remember to celebrate success.

If you’d like to take part in the Eden Project’s business leadership programme, check out the choice of programmes on our website – or get in touch if you’d like to us to design one specially for your business.

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  1. Carly ellicott says:

    Hello please could send me information regarding prices, time frames, course availability etc

  2. Hannah says:

    Thanks for your enquiry Carly - the team will be in touch by email.

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