Send Christmas flowers that you can eat

November 22, 2012
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We’re delighted to announce the arrival of our new British edible bouquets for Christmas. With fresh bay, chillies, rosemary and purple sage, our festive winter collection is fantastically fragrant. So your house will not only look stunning but smell amazing as well.

All of our bouquets, wreaths and centrepieces are freshly picked to order from a wonderful farm just up the road. Carefully hand-tied by hand by florists, these bouquets are the perfect thoughtful gift with a twist. What's more, all of our flowers have free delivery, so why not order your flowers in advance and arrange to have them delivered on a date that suits you?

Festive garland

£40(4ft long)

Decorate a mantelpiece, banister or dinner table with this festive runner. Festooned with chillies, bay and rosemary, you'll have both the perfect Christmas decoration and a mini-herb garden without having to leave the house.

Edible wreath


Our aromatic wreath is an Eden twist on that classic decoration.

Fragrant bouquets

from £20

Calming lavender gives a beautiful colour and scent - the perfect gift for a busy household. Our fragrant chilli bouquet consists of fiery chilli peppers, purple sage, rosemary and bay all lovingly hand-tied for a colourful high-impact display. Great for those who love to cook, as the herbs can be dried and used beyond Christmas to add flavour to any meal.

Spread the love with additional treats

Make someone's Christmas even merrier by adding an extra something to their bouquet. Add a bottle of wine or our unique Eden Project chocolate collection. These chocolates contain a range of unusual flavours including hot chilli, sea salt, coffee and orange.

With love from the Scillies


Imagine that - spring flowers in the middle of winter! The location of the Isles of Scilly's mild climate, means they're able to grow certain flowers earlier than on mainland UK. This means we're able to offer you this 100 stem narcissi bouquets throughout the winter months.

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