Have you tried this exotic beer before?

January 7, 2013
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At Eden we're fascinated by the many varieties of bananas, the inner workings of a mango, and we have more coconut palms than you can shake your maracas at. So it makes perfect sense for us to source beer made from these delicious exotic fruits.

They're surprisingly light and refreshing. Imagine a blonde beer with a subtle exotic twang to enjoy with spicy food, fish, - or while imagining you're lying on a hammock in sunny Africa.


All of these beers are organic and gluten free. Not only are they Fairtrade, but it's the carefully sourced ingredients that sets these beers aside. Who would have thought that drinking a bottle of beer would do so much good for the world?

They're made by a company called Mongozo, which means ‘to your health!' in the language of the Chokwe people of Africa.

Mango beer

Slowly fermented out of organic quinoa and fresh mangoes, this beer tastes sweet, honeyed and, well... like fresh mangoes. It's a winner served at a party - all beer lovers will want to try this.

Coconut beer

Enjoy this coconut beer with your favourite Caribbean dish or a nice hot curry. Use this beer in cooking to make a coconut tempura batter for prawns or white fish and serve with a hot, spicy dipping sauce - delicious!

Banana beer

Mongozo Banana Beer has the sweet flavour and yellow colour of ripe bananas and is best served chilled in a straight glass with the sediment.Also makes a great dessert beer as an alternative to wine.

Banana Beer is the traditional beer of the Masai people of Kenya and Tanzania; over there it’s known as ‘mbege’.

This set of three costs £7.50 and is available on our webshop here. We can send them to someone else for you as a lovely exotic gift.

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