Unusual Valentine’s Day ideas

February 6, 2013
Author: Hannah

Need a bit of help coming up with something different this Valentine’s Day? We asked the team about their all-time favourite Valentine’s Day gestures and presents, and have come up with eight different ways you could do February the 14th this year.

1. Surprise them
Talking to colleagues, we felt that some of the nicest Valentine’s gestures are the unexpected ones. Like the guy who arranged with his girlfriend’s flatmates to come around really early on the 14th to cook her a surprise breakfast. Or the boyfriend that turned up unexpectedly in Cornwall, all the way from France. Whether it be cooking a meal, making something or dressing a space beautifully, try and keep it secret.

2. Transform your space
It’s all about atmosphere. If you’re not going to whisk your partner away on a romantic break, why not add some nice touches around your own home? It might be the oldest cliché in the book, but there is something special about soft candlelight, isn’t there?

Check out our range of scented candles for indoors – and these hanging tealight holders for outdoors. Could be a lovely thing to come home to.

3. Make your own heart-shaped biscuits
Even if you’re not a domestic god(ess), you can guarantee that someone will appreciate your efforts in the kitchen more than if you just pop to the shop. Have a go at making these heart-shaped biscuits, then presenting them in this sweet little gift box. We’ve road-tested these instructions in the team – and anyone can do it!

4. Embrace the heart
We know, hearts are everywhere on Valentine’s Day, but we think this natural heart-shaped wreath is really special. If you’ve got the time, try making one yourself out of wire or willow, then decorate it with foliage and ribbon. One member of our team was given one by her fella, which he’d made out of scented rosemary stems.

5. Say it with flowers
People having been giving flowers as Valentine’s gifts since the 15th-century – so there must be something in it! The Eden flowers we’ve chosen are seasonal, British flowers, so you know you’re treading lightly on the Earth when you give these.

6. Grow your own flowers
Or how about giving flower seeds? They’re a good-value, long-lasting Valentine’s gift. You could simply choose a gorgeous selection of seeds that’ll bloom throughout the year, you could plant them in a pot, or you could give this quirky ‘love bomb’ which – when thrown – will transform a patch of bare land into a sea of wild flowers.

7. Mix ‘n’ match
It’s sometimes nice to give a collection of things that say something together – a bit like a Christmas stocking. You can have fun putting it all together, too, in a nice bag or container. You might like this special gift bag service from our webshop: you choose the gifts online, then we pop them into an Eden jute bag, tie it all up with red ribbon and a tag (with a personal message from you). We can even post it straight to your Valentine!

8. Give an experience
People are much more likely to remember an experience than a gift. Rather than going for the typical restaurant experience on the 14th (surrounded by other couples doing exactly the same thing), choose something a bit different. Like our intimate Chocolate and Chilli Tour for two, during which you get to taste these sensual ingredients in our Biomes, or our Become a Gardener for a Day present, which lets one lucky person spend a day with our world-famous gardening team. Find out about the tours.

February 14 2013 is also the last day of our Locals’ Annual Pass, so if you and your partner live in Devon or Cornwall you can give them the treat of coming to Eden for the whole year for just £7.50.

For more ideas online check out the Eden webshop, full of lovely ethical gifts.

Thanks to Malloreigh for the cookie cutter photo.


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One response to Unusual Valentine’s Day ideas

  1. Denise Mellows says:

    Absolutely thrilled to bits with my fab Valentine’s Day pressie from my gorgeous husband of 32 years, Ian…….a day out at the Eden Project for probably a long weekend, sometime this year. Can’t wait, but I don’t think one day will be long enough!
    Thank you my darling…
    mwah xxx

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