Bring your dog to Eden on Sat 18 and Sun 19 May

May 9, 2013
Author: Tom

Dogs and owners at Eden Project

Latest news (posted 7 June 2013): following the success of our dog weekend in May we'll be letting dogs into our outdoor gardens every day from Saturday 15 June 2013! More information here

Are you a dog owner? You can bring your pet to Eden for the first time over the weekend of 18 and 19 May 2013! Up until then only registered assistance dogs have been allowed in but due to popular demand we've decided to relax the rules for that weekend only.

You can bring your dog, at no extra charge, to enjoy the miles of paths within the former china clay quarry but they won’t be allowed in the Biomes or other undercover areas. Dog litter bins and drinking water will be provided, and there will be activities including a display by a police dog-handler.

We've always aimed to be dog friendly by providing shaded parking shelters in four car parks. The shelters in Orange car park have a water tap, and stewards supply water to the other three car parks, Melon, Cherry and Lemon.

Eden’s Operations Director Ian Williams said: “Lots of visitors have asked us if we would consider letting dogs in. We will see how Dog Weekend at Eden goes and how it is well received by dog owners and general visitors and will then make a call on whether we have more dog days in the future.”

Hound rules

Eden is confident dogs will behave but is applying a few ground rules for owners.

Dogs should be:

  • Kept on a lead at all times.
  • With their handlers at all times.
  • Only be walked on paths.
  • Kept away from play areas.
  • Not taken into buildings other than through the Visitor Centre.

People walking their dogs at Eden

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64 responses to Bring your dog to Eden on Sat 18 and Sun 19 May

  1. Stephen says:

    It is good to see that Eden Management are allowing dogs into the venue. We have two young children but don't have dogs, I think as long as owners with dogs respect the rules it should be something that is made permanent. Helligan have just changed and there appears to be no problems there.

  2. Lizzie Browning says:

    Really great news that you are considering allowing dogs in. Sadly I can't come this weekend, but am hoping that you will have more dog days. Reading the comments I can appreciate that some folk don't want dogs at Eden and so would suggest that the way forward would be to have regular days when dogs are permitted, such as the first weekend in each month, plus one week day every week, then everyone would know when a visit would suit them.

  3. Marjorie says:


  4. Margaret says:

    Pleased to take advantage of the dog day . As I am a friend of Eden regularly visit sometimes just to walk around outside and always feel disappointed I can't take the dog.
    I would like to see it continue especially for all those dog lovers who visit our County looking for dog friendly venues.

  5. Karen says:

    Are you having any more dog friendly days in June

  6. Claire says:

    Hope the dog days went well. Great to see the Eden Project is considering letting dogs in. We visited the project about 5 years ago and although the dog shelter in the car park was a good facility, I didn't like leaving my dog alone in the car for such a long time on her own, as you need several hours to look around the project. We haven't been back to the project since then, but would definitely visit again if we could take our dog in. Even if they only opened it up to dogs one or two days a week would be great.

  7. Ian says:

    I am a dog owner and love the fact you tried this idea. I hope it went well! Clearly there are lots of people that take their dog everywhere, their holiday being no exception. It is also obvious some people have phobias or allergies to dogs. If it did go well, perhaps there could be certain days only during the week that dogs are allowed, enabling those holidaying or visiting to be able to choose a dog or non dog day to enable everyone to enjoy the beauty of the Eden Project without the worry of what to do with their dog on the day or dogs being there.

  8. jane berwick says:

    At last! Some consideration for considerate dog owners on holiday with their pets. We have missed the "dog weekend", as obviously it was timed too early for the Spring Bank Holiday visitors, but look forward to being able to visit another time with our dogs. Yes, there are always some people who will be offended by other people's pets, but there are plenty of other visitors who are offended by the inconsiderate behaviour of others, people who leave disgusting picnic tables and dirty toilets in the belief that someone else will clear up.
    We would never leave our dogs in the car, in the shade or not, it is just too warm in the summer months, dogs do die in hot cars.
    We would not want to take our dogs into the domes, either, just to be able to walk them around the outdoor gardens with us would be enough. Last year, we were unable to visit as a couple because my husband had to drop me off and then go off elsewhere with our dogs, so it would be lovely to be able to visit together!

  9. Bob Jones says:

    About time! We've been coming to Cornwall for years but have to bypass TEP as our pooch is an integral member of the family. Non dog friendly attractions therefore get overlooked on holiday.

    Returning in June, hopefully the rule will be relaxed by then as its been a long time since our last visit to Eden.

  10. Eden Project says:

    Latest news (posted 7 June 2013): following the success of our dog weekend in May we'll be letting dogs into our outdoor gardens every day from Saturday 15 June 2013!

  11. Gill Smith says:

    It's fantastic that you are allowing dogs, but please don't encourage owners to leave their dogs in the car. Dogs should never be left in cars.

  12. Vicky Carr says:

    We have a pet stroller is it ok to take it too all parts of the Eden project

  13. Hannah says:

    Hi Vicky, we do allow dog strollers (with dogs in; not other pets) in to the Eden Project - but they again are not allowed in the Biomes or other undercover areas, apart from the Visitor Centre (including the ticketing hall and shop). You can see more information at

  14. Dee says:

    I cannot see why dogs in strollers are not allowed into the biomes, they are not on the floor! we have never been on holiday with our dogs purely for the reason that one of us does not want to sit alone with the dogs whilst the other looks round... And there is no way on this earth I am leaving my dogs locked in a car... not even in the shade and for you to even suggest this is ridiculous, do you not realise how hot it gets in a car even when it is parked in the shade, try sitting in a car yourself with a winter coat on and see how hot you get! I mean if you were not child friendly would you suggest they were left in cars... I think not. You are not dog friendly you are dog tolerant two different things

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