How to make a bug mask

May 29, 2013
Author: Tom

At our Freaky Nature with Bugs event this half-term (28 May – 2 June 2013), get the low down on the good, the bad and the ugly of the bug world; discover which bugs are plant-friendly and which definitely aren’t!

Kids love dressing up at our Bug Boutique, so we thought we’d share this nice little craft project with you. If you have fun making the mask, please share photos with us on the Eden Project Facebook Page or via Twitter. You can also come and make one at our Freaky Nature event this half-term!

Child wearing bug mask

Bug mask instructions

You will need:

  • thin white card
  • pipe cleaners, ideally sparkly (we used some great shiny ones with thicker wire that we found in a craft shop)
  • two ping pong balls
  • felt-tip pens
  • sticky back plastic
  • clear or coloured acetate (you can use other transparent plastic for this, for example from an old presentation folder)
  • stapler
  • scissors

Step-by-step guide

Card headband being stapled. Deely-bopper frame made of pipe cleaners. Ping pong balls coloured with felt-tips. Ping pong balls on deely bopper frame.

1. Cut a strip of card for the headband. Measure it on your head and staple it at the correct size.

2. Using a bunch of about five pipe cleaners (or one pipe cleaner with thicker wire) to make a u-shaped frame that will sit on top of your head. Then, using two more bunches of pipe cleaners (possibly twizzled round a pen), twist two antennae on to the u-shaped frame.

3. Colour in the ping pong balls with the felt-tips.

4. Make a hole in each ping pong ball with the scissors. Pop the ping pong balls on the tops of the antennae.

Deely bopper frame on card headband. Jagged card shapes coloured in. Card shapes attached to headband. Bug eyes made of coloured acetate.

5. Twist an extra pipe cleaner onto each end of the u-shaped frame, and then, using these extra pipe cleaners, attach the frame to the headband. Secure it in place with the stapler.

6. Cut some jagged shapes out of the cardboard and colour them in.

7. Staple the shapes to the headband. Angle them up or across to look like extra antennae, or down to look like mandibles.

8. Cut circles of acetate to form the eyes. Draw patterns on the acetate with the felt-tips – they can be grids or swirls or anything! Cut ‘O’ shapes out of the card to form the eye frames.

Scissors, sticky-backed plastic. Two bug eyes with patterns. Bug eyes attached to headband,

9. Fix the acetate in the eye frames using sticky-backed plastic.

10. Make small holes in the eye frames to enable them to be attached together and to the headband.

11. Attach the eye frames together and to the headband using pipe cleaners.

12. Decorate the headband with some crazy designs. Now you’re ready to wear your mask and become a bug!

Don’t forget to share photos with us on the Eden Project Facebook Page or via Twitter!

Visit Freaky Nature with Bugs at Eden during the school half-term holiday (28 May – 2 June 2013), where you’ll find fun, games and some really freaky bugs!

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