Infographic: Rainforest Biome, the biggest conservatory in the world

June 13, 2013
Author: Tom

Rainforest Biome, Eden Project

We're very proud of our Rainforest Biome. We've designed it to encourage visitors to realise why rainforests are so important to us and all other life on our planet.

If you've been before, leave a comment to tell us about your visit!

Rainforest Biome infographic

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Helium balloon in Rainforest Biome

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4 responses to Infographic: Rainforest Biome, the biggest conservatory in the world

  1. Jennifer Stacey says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and especially enjoyed the brilliant talk given on rainforest, fair trade, conservation etc.on Friday 14th at 4pm. Although this can be explained by posters the impact of the talk is greater and I hope you can continue with them.

  2. Ghalib Jonker says:

    I am seriously thinking of initiating a Eden project in the Western Cape of South Africa. I therefore need to know more about the frame structure and covering, including cost. I have a 2 hectare smallholding on which I am considering doing this project, eventually turning it into a community educational project.

    Could you assist with the information and data I would need for construction purposes?

    Ghalib Jonker

  3. Hannah says:

    Here's a link to a page about the materials and how we built Eden:

    You may also find more information from Grimshaw Architects.

  4. Ad Bernhardt says:

    What are the costs to build one part from 11 meter, and how high will it be.
    I am working out a project for a glass house.
    from 4 x 100x100 meter with tropical plants for indoor camping trough the year.
    !00 % Green Naturist camping.
    When I get 10 million Euro.
    It looks mannificent- Good luck
    Ad Bernhardt

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