10 rainforest products from our webshop

August 22, 2013
Author: Matt Ashdown

Here in our steamy Rainforest Biome in Cornwall, we've just opened the first part of our new Rainforest Aerial Walkway - which brings you even closer to the precious plants of the rainforest. In celebration of all the vital things these tropical habitats bring us, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite rainforest products. By buying these natural, fairly traded or sustainably sourced products, you’ll help preserve rainforests worldwide too.

Our rainforest products

1. Rainforest bath soak, £7.50

Immerse yourself in the rainforest with this relaxing bath soak inspired by the plants in our Rainforest Biome. The fragrances of wild orchid, jasmine and ginger are sure to sooth and rejuvenate.

Rainforest bath soak

2. Coconut candles, £7.50

These eye-catching coconut candles show just how versatile coconuts can be and are a great example of how we can find good uses for by-products. Filled with sustainable soy wax, the candles burn nearly twice as long as conventional wax candles. They'll make a great addition to a dining table or as floating candles in a bath.

Coconut candles

3. Baobab fruit powder, £1

Want to recreate the famous baobab smoothies that are available in our Rainforest Biome? This versatile, tangy, superfruit ingredient can be used in a host of recipes for smoothies, curries, flapjacks and ice creams. Sustainably harvested and bought from rural harvester groups in Malawi, our baobab powder can also be used as an alternative to sugar or as a base for jams and chutneys.

Baobab fruit powder

4. Chocolate indulgence hamper, £46.50

Used as currency, served in golden goblets, eaten by gods – chocolate, in all its forms, has always been a luxury. The cocoa and sugar used in our chocolate is fairly traded through co-operatives in Central and Latin America and West Africa, ensuring this luxury has positive effects on the economy it comes from and conserves the habitat of threatened plant and animal species.

Chocolate indulgence hamper

5. Little explorer’s gift bag, £17.50

Does your child dream of being a rainforest explorer? This gift bag will give them the perfect start to discovering the great outdoors - without a plane ticket or travel vaccine in sight! Bring the gift bag to the Eden Project and your child could explore our plants and wildlife up close.

Items of the little explorers gift bag

6. Bird of paradise plant, £7.25

While the colourful and showy bird of paradise plant can flourish under a thick canopy of trees in the rainforests of South Africa, it can also be grown at home. Let the sun do its work in the summer months and bring your terrace or tropical border to life with this exotic, bird-like plant.

Bird of Paradise plant

7. Crabwood and lemongrass soap, £3

Our crabwood and lemongrass soap contributes to the preservation of the world’s rainforest as they are free of palm oil. Crabwood tree oil - which grows in the rainforests of South America - is naturally high in skin-friendly vitamin E.

Crabwood and lemongrass soap

8. Deep Jungle book, £9.99

Want to experience the canopy from the comfort of your sofa? Deep Jungle takes you on an adventure to one of the most alien habitats on Earth. Your encounter with the most unusual animals and plants will have you questioning why we look for signs of life elsewhere in our universe when the greatest range of life-forms that have ever existed lies right here on our doorstep!

Deep Jungle book

9. Coffee gift bag, £14.50

Coffee connoisseurs tell us that Coffea arabica is known for producing the best coffee. That's why we've included the plant in this quirky coffee lovers' gift set. The bag of El Salvador coffee will help you to start the daily grind with an aromatic coffee from an ethical, rainforest-friendly source - in a locally designed mug.

contents of the coffee gift bag including a a locally designed mug, a Coffea Arabica plant and a bag of El Salvador coffee

10. Djembe drum, £5

In the rainforests of Africa, tribes use drums to communicate with other tribes and people outside of their village. Around the world, the Djembe drum has become a popular percussion instrument thanks to the range of sounds that can be made by slapping different parts of the skin and holding it in various positions. Have a go and fill your home with tribal sounds.

Djembe drum

If you want to get close to the rainforest, come and take to the canopy in our Rainforest Aerial Walkway here at Eden.

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