Workshop overview

About the workshop: Pupils get involved in a series of Eden-inspired activities in which they think about some key questions underpinning Eden’s approach to sustainability. What’s important to me? Where does my stuff come from? How can I make a difference? It’s optimistic, participatory and a lot of fun. And we promise no PowerPoint presentations of belching factories or weeping polar bears!

What happens: Your day includes an assembly plus your choice of the sessions described below. Depending which of the sessions you choose, you can select:

  • Up to 3 different sessions with one class
  • Up to 3 different sessions with different classes
  • Up to 3 of the same session with different classes

Session 1: Introducing sustainability, 1-1.5 hours
Working in groups, the children spend some time discussing their 'needs' and 'wants' and considering what's imporant. Using role play and drama and skills, they think about where their 'stuff' comes from and how the planet provides for us.

Session 2: Your wallet is your weapon, 1-1.5 hours
Using food as the theme, pupils undertake research to help them decide what makes the ‘best’ packed lunch. The activity illustrates how our spending power and choices can make a difference, and that sustainable decision making can be complicated.

Session 3: The survival challenge, 2-2.5 hours
A practical outdoor/indoor session to reinforce the messages in session 1 and 2 (it works as a standalone too).   Children work in teams in your school grounds to design and build survival shelters for Captain Ken and Brigadier Barbie incorporating key features that illustrate their learning about the importance of nature and collaboration.

Practical information

Location: The workshop takes place in your school. (It works well as a complement to a visit to Eden, too.)

Group size: Up to 30 students per workshop session. The workshops follow an introductory assembly for as many pupils as fit in your hall!

Cost: £340 plus VAT per day. This applies to locations within 50 miles of Eden Project - but please do talk to us about coming to schools further afield in the UK.

School facilities: We come to your school and can set up in a classroom or the school hall. ‘The survival challenge’ is an outdoor activity. School staff will be needed to support group work. We’ll bring all specialist kit and equipment with us.

How to book: Please contact our Education Team by email or telephone:; 01726 811913