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Chocolate Indulgence Hamper

Our chocolate indulgence hamper is the perfect gift for a chocoholic. The way to most people’s heart can be found through chocolate - or is that just us?

This is a perfect gift for any chocolate lover’s birthday or as a special thank you. Chocolate is a real pleasure to eat but dark chocolate has also been shown to lower cholesterol in adults - and that's good enough for us!

Hamper contains:

  • Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Sea Salt Chocolate Bar
  • Orange Chocolate Bar
  • Chilli Chocolate Bar
  • Coffee Chocolate Bar
  • Milk Chocolate Coated Praline Fudge
  • Dark Drinking Chocolate
  • Mixed Chocolate Buttons
  • Milk Chocolate Raisins
  • Milk Chocolate Brazils
  • Chocolate Mug

Milk Chocolate

Our milk chocolate is made especially for us by Kernow Confectionary right here in Cornwall.

Sea Salt Chocolate

Our Sea Salt chocolate bar is a delicious combination of smooth milk chocolate mixed with fresh Cornish Sea Salt.

Orange Chocolate

Made with Sicilian orange oil this chocolate bar is the perfect for all chocoholics.

Chilli Chocolate

Our chilli chocolate bar is made using the finest dark chocolate and chilli from the South Devon Chilli Farm. Giving you a smooth chocolate with a hint of heat and a gentle kick!

Coffee Chocolate

Our coffee chocolate is a delicious blend of dark chocolate and Cornish coffee.

Milk Chocolate Coated Praline Fudge

Delicious praline fudge coated in indulgent organic milk chocolate.

Price: £47.50

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UK Delivery: £5.75

Dark Drinking Chocolate

If you want something a little more traditional then you can’t go wrong with a nice big mug of our dark chocolate hot chocolate.

Mixed Chocolate Buttons

A delicious, smooth combination of milk chocolate, white chocolate and dark chocolate.

Chocolate Mug

Who doesn’t love chocolate and as the design says “Look after the planet; it’s the only one that gives us chocolate”!

How your gift makes a difference

The Eden Project is an educational charity and social enterprise and when you buy anything from our shop, you're supporting our work and educational programmes.

Our projects range from gardening schemes for the disabled or the homeless through to wild play schemes that help young kids reconnect with the world around them.

Watch this video to get a taste of our projects.

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