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Coffee Gift Bag

An all in one gift bag for people who love great tasting coffee.

This gift set consists of:

  • El Salvador Ground Coffee
  • Coffea Arabica Plant
  • Coffee Cup

El Salvador Coffee

This Rainforest Alliance coffee comes from a family owned farm in Monte Sion, El Salvador. It is a smooth light to medium bodied coffee, perfect for use in a cafetiere, filter machine or jug.

Coffee Plant

Grow your own coffee with this coffee plant. Coffea Arabica is known as producing better coffee than other varieties, according to coffee connoisseurs. The plant is really easy to look after – they’re quite resilient. They produce scented white flowers followed by the fruit (coffee bean) which takes nine months to ripen.

Coffee Cup

Coffee is big story here at Eden; we have our own Coffee House where we serve fresh lattes, cappuccinos and espressos. We also sell a wide range of Fairtrade, Soil Association and Organic coffee in our shop.

Jute Bag

This unique gift set is all wrapped up in one of jute bags and therefore helps reduce unnecessary packaging. The designer, Eden Project’s artist Sarah Wilson, drew inspiration from our Biomes.

Choose from Baobab, Butterfly or Sunflower.

This coffee gift bag is a great gift for:

  • Work colleagues, clients or suppliers
  • People who know and love a good cup of coffee
  • Gardeners who like to grow unusual plants
  • Men or women of all ages
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Who makes our coffee?

We chose to stock this coffee because it’s the nicest tasting, most ethical coffee we came across. The founders, Dr Urrutia and his family, focus on producing speciality coffees like this one, and they’ve been growing coffee on their land since 1908.

They also share our beliefs in working closely with the community. Dr Urruita and his family wanted to help the communities in the rural area they live, so they set up a not for profit organisation called Monte Sion Neuevo Amanecer to serve the community of 400 people.

Aside from giving 10% of profit to their community fund, they also dedicate plenty of time to looking after local people. For example, they also:

  • Give vitamin and protein supplements to workers and their families.
  • Distribute healthy food out to those who need it most
  • People are given free medical attention when they need it
  • Workers are given houses built with bricks instead of mud with far superior facilities such as running water, solar panels for electricity and a stove for cooking food.
  • Every family is provided with clothing, footwear and essentials for cold weather
  • Education programmes are available for all, such as literacy programmes
  • Spiritual lectures are available

How your money is helping the planet

Eden is a charity, running transformational social and environmental projects. So when you buy something from the shop, you're helping to make a difference.

One of our major projects to help fight climate change is the planned geothermal power plant at Eden, which is to produce renewable heat and electricity from deep inside the Cornish granite – to heat our Biomes and feed power into the national grid.

See what else we're doing to help fight climate change.

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