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Eco House Numbers or Name

Our eco house numbers or names have a great, smart slate look appearance are totally weather proof and will stay looking good for a long time. A cost effective, eco alternative to slate house names and slate house numbers. Made from recycled vending machine coffee cups our unique house names and house numbers are tough, durable and UV protected so they will not only withstand whatever the environment can throw at them, they will also help to make sure we have an environment! Choose your own house name or number using our interactive widget below!


All our house names and house numbers are engraved and ink filled for maximum durability Please note that your design may differ slightly from the picture shown. Please allow 10 days for delivery of your new house sign. Fixing screws and raw plugs provided Made from recycled coffee cups.

This product is only available for mainland UK delivery.

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Price: £67.95

How do you get from a coffee cup.....to a sundial?

The process of producing are house names and numbers is UK based, from collecting the cups, to re-manufacture and eventual reuse, so the whole recycling loop is completed here on our shores. There is little point in putting items out for recycling if we all don’t actively look at ways of re-using the material in a useful, functional and positive way.

Recycled products not only save on landfill; one house name can equate to a bin liner full of coffee cups; but recycled coffee cup material has around half the carbon footprint of virgin material.

So far, together with our other ECO home and garden products we've all managed to save over 5 million coffee cups from landfill that is enough to fill something really quite massive!

Do a little - change a lot

Step One

At work place your used coffee cup in the recycling bin.

Step Two

Your cup will be collected, cleaned and shredded.

Step Three

This shredded compound is then heated and injected under high pressure into thin strips. These strips are then sliced into small pellets, ready for use on a wide range of manufacturing processes.

Step Four

Under high pressure thousands of pellets are squashed between two very hot presses. After a short while the pellets have been fused together to form large flat workable sheets.

Step Five

These sheets are then sanded, cut, cleaned, printed on and then assembled into a variety of lovely products for us all to enjoy.

Step Six

The entire nation goes out and buys 5 or 6 of these new and clever recycled products for all their friends and family.


Recycled products not only save on landfill; one set of placemats equates to a bin liner full of coffee cups; but recycled coffee cup material has around half the carbon footprint of virgin materials.

Recycling isn't just one process, it's a series of processes that starts with us all collecting and sending our waste for recycling, something we have all got a lot better at. To fully 'recycle' we must all get into the habit of then actually using those products made from the materials we have made an effort to recycle. Importantly it's all about closing the recycling loop.

Use your wallet as your weapon

Buy any of lovely things featured in the Eden webshop and you can rest assured that what you're getting is carefully chosen to do good - for the planet and its people.

We've already made all the difficult ethical choices for you when sourcing our retails products. Everything you see in our shop is either recycled, fairly traded, made of plants, locally sourced, or helps promote sustainable living.

Look out for the special symbols next our products.

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