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Garden Wildlife Hamper

Our fantastic garden wildlife hamper contains everything you need to attract wildlife into your garden. From birds to hedgehogs, this will set you up so your garden can become a wildlife haven!

The natural hamper can them be used over and over for your picnics in the garden, surrounded by all your fantastic wildlife.

Hamper contains:

  • Butterfly Feeding Station
  • Sunflower Hearts Coconut Half
  • Mealworm Coconut Half
  • I Love Hedgehogs Food
  • Hedgehog Feeding Bowl
  • Wallflower Seeds
  • Buddleia Seeds
  • Christmas Rose Seeds
  • Pollinator Seedbomb

Butterfly Feeding Station

Our butterfly feeder attracts and feeds butterflies and also helps early pollinating bees to survive – a real life saver that will also provide a great amount of enjoyment as your garden becomes a haven for colourful insects!

I Love Hedgehogs Food

Our hedgehog food is a great high fat blend of nutritious ingredients perfect for our hedgehogs.

The food is rich in nutrients and ingredients, making it a great high energy food for the loveable garden visitor. It gives hedgehogs a much needed boost especially when they emerge from hibernation.

Hedgehog Feeding Bowl

A convenient, hygienic and easy clean feeding bowl, for hedgehogs and other small mammals.

Wallflower Seeds

Contains many of the colours seen in Persian carpets. The most popular spring bedding item - very fragrant. Height 38cm (15"). 

  • Attractive to bees and other pollinators
  • Perfect for beds or patio pots
  • Colourful fragrant flowers

Buddleia Seeds

Tall growing plants that flower year after year. Height 2m (7').

  • Attractive to bees and other pollinators
  • Flowers year-after-year
  • Can be sown direct outdoors

Christmas Rose Seeds

Evergreen foliage and creamy-white flowers with prominent golden anthers. Height 23-30cm (9-12").

  • Attractive to bees and other pollinators
  • Winter flowering
  • Perennial - flowers year-after-year

Pollinator Seedbomb

Join the fight to save the bees! Seedbomb contains bee friendly mix of nectar rich wildflowers which are favoured by bumble bees and honey bees.

Price: £32.50

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UK Delivery: £5.75

Our food bowl is great for putting extra food out for hedgehogs (such as tinned pet food, muesli and raw meat) in the evenings so flies cannot lay eggs in it. Collect uneaten food again in the morning. Did you know hedgehogs have 7,000 spines?

The butterfly feeding station has a sponge on the front which can suck up a water/sugar solution, and will feed butterflies in your garden.

Help change the world with your wallet

Eden is an educational charity running all sorts of projects to help make the world a better, nicer place to live. So when you buy something from the shop, that's where the profits go.

We know kids thrive by getting out and about and being creative. That's why we set up our wild play scheme to get young people outside again - through activities like den building and nature trails. By buying something in our shop, you're helping support a revolution in the way the next generation learn.

Find out about Eden's Mud Between Your Toes project.

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