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Ladybird House

Nature lovers will enjoy this unusual gift. Give your plants natural protection with this charming silver birch ladybird house.

It provides a safe environment for up to 100 ladybirds to hibernate, breed, and eat.

Each ladybird eats up to 80 greenfly per day – that’s 8000 less greenfly feasting on your plants everyday! You can easily position the house in the most suitable position in your garden.

Height: 285 mm x Width: 140 mm x Depth: 100 mm

Weight: 0.84 kg

Price: £14.50

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UK Delivery: £5.75


Dimensions: 285 x 140 x 100 - 0.84KG

The Ladybird Tower is made from F.S.C Wood and a water-based stin – Wildlife World are members of an FSC Chain Of Custody Group and have been responsible for encouraging several sawmills and suppliers to become Certified to meet our demand for well managed timber. We have now almost achieved a 100% FSC supply for all our components other than waste wood.

Paints and stains - Wildlife World have eliminated all solvent-based paints and stains on our wooden products, by using only water-based finishes - good for us and good for our animal, bird and insect tenants


Adult ladybirds hibernate through the winter in sheltered places amongst dense vegetation, leaf-litter, under tree bark etc., or inside buildings, outhouses and sheds. Thus the ladybird tower is a perfect home.

They often invade houses, nestling around doors and window frames, or in the folds of curtains.

If you find these sleepy individuals, have a thought to their future value in controlling garden pests - it takes little time to coax them carefully into a jar and move them to your ladybird house or even a garden shed, hedge bottom or other sheltered place outside, where they can finish their winter sleep.

Some ladybirds become strongly gregarious as winter approaches and huddle together in large clusters, sometimes consisting of several hundred individuals. The reason for this behaviour is unknown, but it certainly can provide a colourful display.

What is FSC?

The Forest Stewardship Council enables you to buy forest products of all kinds with confidence that you are not contributing to global forest destruction. FSC certified forests are managed to ensure long term timber supplies while protecting the environment and the lives of forest-dependent peoples. FSC certification can also cover non-timber forest products such as latex and foods. A system of Chain of Custody certification traces forest products through the supply chain to the end-consumer. Whenever you buy timber or timber products always look for the FSC logo.


  • There are nearly 100 species of ladybirds found in Europe and about 40 of these are resident in the British Isles
  • The largest of the native British species is the eyed ladybird (Anatis ocellata) found in conifer forests and plantations
  • There are some non-predatory ladybirds, like the yellow and black 22-spot ladybird (Psyllobora vigintiduopunctata) which eat the mildews and other microscopic fungi that grow on plant tissues and thus may help reduce the incidence of certain fungal diseases in plants
  • The bright colouring of ladybirds - generally red or yellow with black spots - is thought to have a defensive function, by warning would be predators, like insectivorous birds, that the beetles are distasteful.
  • When disturbed or handled most ladybirds discharge drops of a bitter, pungent fluid from leg joints and other parts of the body - a habit known as 'reflex-bleeding'.

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