Support Eden's Rainforest Canopy Walkway

Phase one of our new Rainforest Canopy Walkway opens to the public on 8 July 2013, but fundraising continues and plans for the second phase of the walkway are already under way.

From paths set in the sheer cliff face, the Walkway stretches out through the steamy canopy, immersing visitors in the majesty, mystery and wonder of the forest. The Walkway will teach visitors not only about the importance of rainforests but also about what they can do to help save them. Find out more about phase one.

Plans for phase two

Fundraising continues and plans for the second phase of the walkway are already under way. Once funded, Eden will build on the experience reaching further into the treetops to take visitors to the Weather Station, an artistic installation which will enable intrepid explorers to discover how rainforests control the world’s climate and experience and measure weather. The Met Office is working with the Eden Project on this phase.

Subsequent phases will include a Fruit Bar in the treetops, exploring ways of supporting livelihoods in the forest through rainforest-friendly products, and a Field Station where visitors will be able to discover ways in which they can help look after the rainforests of the world.


Eden is working with the Sensory Trust to make the experience great for visitors of all ages and abilities. The Walkway will be accessible to pushchairs and wheelchairs. 

Supporters and team

The first phase of the Walkway has been made possible thanks to the generous support of a number of educational and scientific foundations and individuals, including the Garfield Weston Foundation, The Wolfson Foundation, and donors to the Eddie George Memorial Appeal, as well as donations from Eden visitors and Eden Friends. Thank you!

The Walkway design and project team comprising Blue Forest in collaboration with Jerry Tate Architects, SKM, Buro Happold, Ward Williams Associates and EaseManage has worked hand in hand with the Eden Project team to bring the project to life. 

Support our Rainforest Canopy Walkway

The Rainforest Canopy Walkway will be an inspirational and transformative experience. A generation that does not understand or value the natural world will not strive to protect it, but Eden is uniquely placed to demonstrate the vital role rainforests play in all our lives and to inspire action.

We're already half way to our target but need your support to reach our goal. Donate now and help us achieve this.

  • £5 could enable a schoolchild to take part in a canopy challenge workshop
  • £15 could purchase a seed for a new tropical giant
  • £100 could help us build one of the buttress root structures to support the treetop walkways

How to support the project

What the Aerial Walkway includes:

  • Base Camp
    • Phase one: The Base Camp brings a message from the Baka people from Cameroon and on the Walkway itself a message from the canopy scientists, from their IKOS pod - an authentic aerial campsite for scientists.
  • Walkways
    • Phase two: leaving Base Camp, the walkway path leads through the Rainforest Biome, at one point even going behind Eden’s waterfall to a secret, hidden cave. Bridges come out from this path at canopy height to a series of learning spaces and exciting experiences.
    • Phase two: the walkways will provide a highly experiential journey: a feeling of walking though old ruins in the forest, alcoves of artefacts and artistic installations, telescopes and binoculars trained out and down onto specific plants and parts of the Biome. 
  • Phase two: Nest
    • From the main walkway, explorers will be able to visit a huge ‘bowerbird nest’, a lattice of timber and living plants used as a space to learn about rainforest biodiversity. Here we will gather and display exhibitions of rainforest biodiversity and carry out a range of workshops with young people. 
    • Phase one: Along the Walkway, 12m above the ground, the Nest platform and biodiversity chandelier explore the biodiversity of the forest. Plants eat, drink, reproduce and protect themselves from danger and they can’t move. Here we explore nature’s array of designs which have produced forms that fit their function: from protective prickles to pollination mechanisms and from guttered leaves to garish flowers.
  • Phase two: Weather Station
    • A learning space filled with dials, thermometers, floating weather balloons, hygrometers, and all fashion of strange but fully operational weather-monitoring equipment, the Weather Station will contain information explaining how rainforests control the earth’s climate. 
    • Our school visitors will be able to use authentic equipment to produce genuine measurements of conditions in the Biome and we aim to link from here to canopy scientists and meteorologists working in the field. 
  • Phase three: Field Station
    • The journey culminates at a Field Station, where you can get practical ideas on how to help look afer the forests that look after you.

Rainforest is the glue that holds the climate of our planet together. Lose the forest and it will have devastating consequences for all life on earth.

Professor Sir Ghillean Prance

12 years after we opened, our forest has grown and is reaching for the sky. At last, we have been able to start to build the walkway and, with you all, take to the trees.

Dr Jo Elworthy, Eden’s Director of Interpretation


Aerial rope bridge through the rainforest

Canopy Journey

Find out what the new walkway will be like.