• This elegant fruit tree, indigenous to South and Central America, has gorgeous aromatic foliage.
  • The fruit is often used in juices, ice creams and yoghurt.
  • The crushed seeds are used to kill parasites.
  • The bark, roots and leaves are used in teas for diabetics and as a sedative.

Where it grows

Native to tropical America, the soursop is tolerant of poor soil and prefers lowland areas at 0–1200m altitude.

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i would like to know where i can buy soursop juice vitamins or the fruit in malta thank you
Submitted by anna christian on


This can be bought at Amazon
Submitted by Alfredo Garcia on


I was told this plant is a cure cancer. I have GTIS Stomach cancer how can I get the fruit or vitamins tommyeleeray@hmail.com 424 543 4230
Submitted by Tommye Lee ray on


eden project's picture
We are unable to advise on issues like this, but for extra information on cancer and plants try here. http://www.nhs.uk/Pages/HomePage.aspx
Submitted by eden project on

Soursop in Malta

Hi! Did you manage to order the Soursop? I'm Maltese too and have just heard about this fruit for my mum, and am also searching for ways to buy it from Malta.
Submitted by Steph on

graviola tree

Where can i buy a tree,soursop juice or the fruit from this tree in England.I live in Birmingham,is there a local outlet.Thank you
Submitted by eddie paterson on

brum soursop

Submitted by dave on

Soursop in Colorado?

Is there a way to get a Soursop to grow inside? I don't think I could get one to grow in the colder climate here and would love to grow one!
Submitted by Sheila on


eden project's picture
Like many other plants, this one has lots of common names, it is also called Guanabana which is probably the name it will be known under in the juice industry
Submitted by eden project on

Shelf life

How long does the soursop remain fit to eat after being picked
Submitted by Maria on

soursop can cure cancer

On facebook, a friend posted a pivutre of a soursop and said that it cures cancer better than caemotherapy. Is this true?If so, under what conditions and where can it be grown in the UK? does the Eden project grow it?COULD it start increasing its production of it and where else in Cornwall might it be grown?Thank you
Submitted by sheelah Goldsmith on

VERY interested

i want this for my uncle do you think it would grow in Kentucky of the USA? if so where do you buy it?
Submitted by needing help! on

Sour Sop

Hello, would a Sour sop tree stand the english climate, or could it be grown indoors? If so, is it possible to source seeds? Could I buy some from eden project at all please?
Submitted by Jules Gray on

Growing in the UK

eden project's picture
Unfortunately a soursop would really struggle to grow in our climate, it would be able to grow inside, but it is a pretty hefty tree so you would need a lot of space for it to grow properly.
Submitted by eden project on

Soursop 100% juice

Where can i buy soursop juice from a store in Germany or Italy? I am not interested on buying online.
Submitted by Luigi on


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Should be able to buy under the name Guanabana
Submitted by eden project on


  • Ovoid: three-dimensionally egg-shaped.
  • Stamen: male organ of a flower, including the anther-supporting filament and the pollen-producing anther.
  • Superior ovary: floral parts inserted below the ovary (the female part of the flower containing the immature seeds).