Plant and garden highlights

With three climatic zones and over a million plants, Eden never fails to provide anything less than a jaw-dropping horticultural extravaganza.

Sweet gum tree

Almost 2,000 different types of seasonal plants grow in our outdoor gardens, which span 13 hectares (that's 30 football pitches). There's always something interesting to see all year round!

October highlights

Here are some recommendations from our horticulturist, Shirley Walker:

Outdoor Garden

I just love the seasonal changes that October brings – cool, misty mornings and mellow, sunlit afternoons, when the hidden gems of Eden come into their own - like Myth and Folklore, nestled in its magical woodland hollow. Here you will find the inspirational willow Dream Chamber with a labyrinth at its heart, and Eve, the beautiful earth sculpture, with mirrored face, reflecting her sylvan surroundings.  Wild Cornwall too is touched by the season – a misty, often wind-swept place where rare Cornish species live and have been immortalised in stone. 

Shades of burnished gold, rich russets and purples are beginning to creep across the trees, setting them alight in the autumn sunshine. Just below Wild Cornwall, look out for Liquidambar, or sweet gum - a gorgeous tree with star-shaped leaves and stunning autumn colour.  The Persian ironwoods that line the Boulevard are also a breath-taking sight as the leaves turn through a kaleidoscope of colour. And who can resist the charms of the Japanese maples, tucked away behind the Core in the Japanese Swale garden? Maples are renowned for their autumn colour, graceful habit, beautiful leaf shapes and the way they rustle in the breeze. You will also find the Tibetan cherry here, with its shining coppery-coloured bark, so smooth to the touch. 

Our temporary displays team is bringing us a stunning autumn display in the street, and there will be pumpkins galore for Halloween, along with unique carved butternut squash vases!

Mediterranean Biome

The Mediterranean Biome will also be displaying the new season’s colours as the leaves of the grapevines begin to turn, lighting up the mighty Dionysus and his band of followers, and the chillies continue to ripen with fiery hues of their own. The beautiful climber, Podranea, forming a dramatic ‘curtain’ across the centre of the biome is coming into flower, and we have a new exhibit nearby, displaying a range of ‘useful’ cacti and succulents - so if you want to know where tequila comes from, all will be revealed!

Rainforest Biome

There are two stunning flowers not to be missed in the Rainforest this month – the beautiful blue ginger by the lily pool and a delicate red and yellow species of Heliconia in lower Amazon. The Malaysian home garden is looking lush and productive with star fruit, chillies, bananas and lemon grass to name but a few, and bread fruit can be seen in the crops exhibit.

Seasonal highlights


  • Daffodils, a traditional Cornish crop, dominate displays in March.
  • Crocuses and spring flowering shrubs burst into colour.
  • A ribbon of grape hyacinths traces a blue path on the grass roof between the Biomes.
  • From April there is a finale of English wild flowers including bluebells, campions and violets.


  • Herbaceous borders beside The Core building look their best in early summer.
  • Wild flowers, roses, dahlias, sweet peas and day lilies take off from mid-June.
  • Swathes of lavender begin to flower in mid-July.
  • In August wild flowers lead you down the Zig Zag Path to the spectacular white borders lining the Grand Staircase.


  • It's harvest time across the site, with displays of fruit and vegetables. Find out about our Harvest Festival.
  • Check our events calendar for seasonal demonstrations like apple pressing.
  • Look out for Halloween-themed children's activities in our arena. 


  • Anemones provide a splash of welcome colour.
  • Hanging baskets drip with winter vegetables.
  • As dusk falls, the gardens transform into a sparkling winter wonderland, our trees laden with twinkling lights. 
Giant bee sculpture and Eden's Biomes with tulips in foregroundSwathes of purple lavender flowers growing at EdenRed autumnal leaves with Eden's Biomes in the backgroundGiant bee sculpture and Eden's Biomes covered in snow