Plant and garden highlights

With three climatic zones and over a million plants, Eden never fails to provide anything less than a jaw-dropping horticultural extravaganza.

Almost 2,000 different types of seasonal plants grow in our outdoor gardens, which span 13 hectares (that's 30 football pitches). There's always something interesting to see all year round!

March highlights

Here are some recommendations from our expert horticulturist, Shirley Walker:

Mediterranean Biome

Spring arrives early in the Mediterranean Biome, and already the rock roses (Cistus) are in bloom. These showy, yet delicate purplish-pink or white flowers, with petals like crumpled silk, are so evocative of the Mediterranean countryside at this time of year. The grapevines will be bursting into life this month, with bright green ribbons of new foliage, and the tulips are beginning to bloom in a blaze of vibrant colour. Protected from the vagaries of the weather outside, the display will last for weeks. If you missed them last month, the South African bulbs are still looking wonderful – look out for the creamy, yellow Cyrtanthus and dainty, little lachenalias.

Rainforest Biome

As the humidity of the Rainforest Biome hugs you like a warm blanket, take a little time out to look at our diverse collection of tropical palms, including the lady palm, used to make walking sticks and umbrella handles, and the Madagascan traveller’s palm, with its leaves aligned east to west – a useful compass if you get lost! In Oceanic Islands you will find the unique bottle palm, critically endangered in its native Mauritius, but thriving here and about to flower. Look up and you will see the towering royal palm, now in bud for the very first time – flowers will be white with pink anthers.

Outdoor Gardens

In the Outdoor Gardens, drifts of golden narcissus decorate the Blue Border, and a multitude of miniature iris enjoys the damp, sunny conditions of early spring in the Pollination area. Sweetly-scented Hamamelis and Daphne still perfume the air, and as the days begin to lengthen, and temperatures rise, there will be something new to see across the gardens every day.

Seasonal highlights


  • Daffodils, a traditional Cornish crop, dominate displays in March.
  • Crocuses and spring flowering shrubs burst into colour.
  • A ribbon of grape hyacinths traces a blue path on the grass roof between the Biomes.
  • From April there is a finale of English wild flowers including bluebells, campions and violets.


  • Herbaceous borders beside The Core building look their best in early summer.
  • Wild flowers, roses, dahlias, sweet peas and day lilies take off from mid-June.
  • Swathes of lavender begin to flower in mid-July.
  • In August wild flowers lead you down the Zig Zag Path to the spectacular white borders lining the Grand Staircase.


  • It's harvest time across the site, with displays of fruit and vegetables. Find out about our Harvest Festival.
  • Check our events calendar for seasonal demonstrations like apple pressing.
  • Look out for Halloween-themed children's activities in our arena. 


  • Anemones provide a splash of welcome colour.
  • Hanging baskets drip with winter vegetables.
  • As dusk falls, the gardens transform into a sparkling winter wonderland, our trees laden with twinkling lights.