Plant and garden highlights

With three climatic zones and over a million plants, Eden never fails to provide anything less than a jaw-dropping horticultural extravaganza.

Dahlia flower with butterfly

Almost 2,000 different types of seasonal plants grow in our outdoor gardens, which span 13 hectares (that's 30 football pitches). There's always something interesting to see all year round!

August highlights

Here are some recommendations from our horticulturist, Shirley:

Step back in time this month and walk with dinosaurs through the vibrant and colourful gardens at Eden. Follow the prehistoric plant trail through an amazing lost world of steamy jungles and flowerless gardens filled with luxuriant ferns, giant horsetails, cycads, ginkgoes and Wollemi pines – plants that were around when the dinosaurs stalked the planet! 

In the Rainforest Biome, Amazonia is home to the beautiful Albizia saman, now in full flower, and if you venture up to the Rainforest Canopy Walkway you can gaze down in wonder on the Biome’s biggest ‘rain trees’. Also in the Rainforest, both cashew nuts and Formosana bananas are fruiting prolifically.

In the Outdoor Biome, drifts of wildflowers bloom beside the Barefoot Walkway and carnivorous Sarracenias are in full pitcher by the bog garden - a favourite haunt of several species of dragonfly. Across site, the crop gardens are at their productive best, showcasing vegetables, herbs, spices, fruits and grains from around the world.

In the Mediterranean Biome, a new pebble path meanders through exciting displays of ornamental Mediterranean climate plants, linking the Italian vegetable garden with the arid, terraced cactus garden. The grapevines are giving us a vintage harvest this year, including Malvasia, one of the oldest grape varieties still in cultivation – a favourite of the Ancient Greeks. And, look out for the jewel-like Cape gooseberries, used by our chef, Tony, to decorate his delicious deserts… yum. Lastly, if you missed it last month, the Bougainvillea is still looking stunning.


More August highlights

Mediterranean Biome

Sweet thorn, Acacia karroo

If you go to Southern Africa you will see quite a lot of these spiky bean trees. Giraffes love to munch on the fresh tasty leaves and somehow get their tongues around the spines!

Rainforest Biome

Pineapple, Ananas comosus 'Queen'

This spiky fella is the leading edible member of the Bromeliads. Pineapples don't grow on trees - they are ground-growing herbs!  As the individual fruits develop from the flowers, they join together forming the cone shaped, compound, juicy, fleshy fruit that we know and love.

Outdoor gardens


Come and see the spectacular Dahlias! So many shapes and colours, there's one to fit any border. Although the Dahlia has been in Europe for over 200 years, it originates from Mexico and central America, which is why.they enjoy the warmer climate of Cornwall. In colder climes they should be lifted, stored and replanted over the colder months.

Seasonal highlights


  • Daffodils, a traditional Cornish crop, dominate displays in March.
  • Crocuses and spring flowering shrubs burst into colour.
  • A ribbon of grape hyacinths traces a blue path on the grass roof between the Biomes.
  • From April there is a finale of English wild flowers including bluebells, campions and violets.


  • Herbaceous borders beside The Core building look their best in early summer.
  • Wild flowers, roses, dahlias, sweet peas and day lilies take off from mid-June.
  • Swathes of lavender begin to flower in mid-July.
  • In August wild flowers lead you down the Zig Zag Path to the spectacular white borders lining the Grand Staircase.


  • It's harvest time across the site, with displays of fruit and vegetables. Find out about our Harvest Festival.
  • Check our events calendar for seasonal demonstrations like apple pressing.
  • Look out for Halloween-themed children's activities in our arena. 


  • Anemones provide a splash of welcome colour.
  • Hanging baskets drip with winter vegetables.
  • As dusk falls, the gardens transform into a sparkling winter wonderland, our trees laden with twinkling lights. 
Giant bee sculpture and Eden's Biomes with tulips in foregroundSwathes of purple lavender flowers growing at EdenRed autumnal leaves with Eden's Biomes in the backgroundGiant bee sculpture and Eden's Biomes covered in snow