Freaky Nature: half-term

This February half-term get hands-on at Eden and explore a world so bizarre you couldn't make it up - welcome to Freaky Nature!

We will introduce you to the weird and wonderful world of plants and how they’ve spread their seed to every corner of our planet. Discover sticky seeds, exploding seeds, flying seeds and very well-travelled seeds!

Activities in 2014

Freaky Nature promises something for everyone, whatever your age. Here's a taste of what will be on offer over the half-term:

  • Freaky Flyers – Design a seed that travels on the wind and see how far you can make it fly. 
  • Angry Burdocks – Load your catapult with a ‘hitch-hiking seed’ and try to hit the targets.
  • Seed Bombs – Fill your bomb with seeds, watch nervously as it is inflated, and then BOOM – see how far your seeds scatter! 
  • Big It Up – Put creepy crawlies and plants under the lenses of our mega-microscopes.
    On the mornings of 18 and 19 Feb our friends at the Royal Microscopical Society will be lending us an amazing scanning electron microscope, which shows things thousands of times their normal size. Come and see some amazing images like the plankton shown on this page! This event is part of the Society's 175th anniversary celebrations.
  • Bug Boutique – Choose a beautiful costume from our bug dressing up box – ideal for little ones aged 5 and under. 
  • Seed Trail – Follow the trail through our Biomes to meet some weird and wonderful plants, and learn how their seeds travel.
  • Storytelling – A family favourite. Listen to a great story in the lovely surroundings of our Citrus Grove in the Mediterranean Biome at 12pm and 2pm.
  • Ice skating - book a session on our beautiful rink here.
Kids in bug outfitsPlankton microscope image


Sensitive plant leaves

The plant that moves

The Sensitive Plant (Mimosa pudica) folds up its leaves when touched.


The plant that releases pollen clouds

Tap a cone of the Stone Pine and a huge cloud of pollen is released!