Ice skating at Eden, winter 2014/15

Our beautiful ice rink will return on 18 October 2014. We'll have sessions to suit everyone from toddlers to experienced skaters.

Eden's ice rink with people skating

Ice skating timetable

Our ice rink will be open from 18 October 2014 to 22 February 2015. See times for all sessions on our ice skating timetable.

Types of session available

A valid Eden admission ticket is required for all the sessions, in addition to the ticket for the relevant session.

General skating sessions

Our public skate sessions are 40 minutes long and begin on the hour.

  • £6 per person

Penguin skating aids

Our penguins (pictured right) are ideal for helping young skaters to gain confidence on the ice. They can be hired for any public skating session but pre-booking online is advisable. The penguins are 91.5cm tall and although there is no minimum height restriction, the user does need to be able to walk and reach the handle. The maximum height for use is 130cm. The charge covers the full 40-minute session and there are no refunds or part-refunds if the penguin is not used or is only used for part of the session. Bookings are non-refundable.

Skater Pass Discount Card 

With this Discount Card you can enjoy skating on our rink for only £3 per session, which is up to half the normal price! The Card costs £35, includes entry to the Eden Project for the duration of the ice rink and is valid for general and half-price sessions.

Half-price sessions

On selected days, you can enjoy a skate for only half the price!

  • £3 per person

Skating lessons

Learn how to skate with our expert instructors in these courses of six weekly sessions. 

  • £51 per child under 16/£59 per adult

Parent and toddler ice-play sessions

Special non-skating ice-play sessions for kids aged between 18 months and 5 years, with plenty of toys to play with. The sessions last 40 minutes, and children must be accompanied by an adult (at least one adult per two children). Please note that on Sundays, when these sessions start at 9.30am, the Eden gates will open at 9am.

  • £4 per child

Chilly Juniors sessions

Fun skating sessions with races and games on selected Saturdays for 6-12 yr olds. Participants need to be able to skate.

  • £6 per child

School skating sessions

Ice play sessions and school skating is available most weekdays during term time from late October 2014 to mid February 2015.

Nursery/school ice play sessions

These 'Infants on Ice' non-skating, ice play sessions are exclusively for under sevens from nursery and school groups (maximum of 100 children per session).

Travelling home from the ice rink

Please note that if you are attending one of our evening skating sessions, that the last bus back to St Austell is at 6pm on weekdays, Sundays and public holidays; and 5.55pm on Saturdays.

Father skating on ice rink with daughter holding penguin skating aid


Penguins dancing on ice rink

Penguin dance party on our ice rink

See the strange things that happen after dark on our rink!