Enter your Cornish pasty in our World Pasty Championships

The 2015 World Pasty Champions have been crowned - congratulations to everyone who took part. See the full results below.

World Pasty Champions

Full 2015 results

  • World Pasty Champion, Open savoury junior category: Daniel Beddoes (BBQ chicken)
  • World Pasty Champion, Cornish pasty junior category: Michael Webb
  • World Pasty Champion, Open savoury company category: Prima Bakeries (steak, onions, peppercorn sauce)
  • World Pasty Champion, Cornish pasty company category: West Cornwall Pasty Company
  • World Pasty Champion, Open savoury professional category: Luisa Ead (smoked haddock)
  • World Pasty Champion, Cornish pasty professional category: Andy Heath
  • World Pasty Champion, Open savoury amateur category: Jorge Pereira (Chilean pasty)
  • World Pasty Champion, Cornish pasty amateur category: Betty Lethbridge
  • World Pasty Ambassador award: Marion Symonds

As the Eden Project is based in Cornwall, our World Pasty Championships celebrate the traditional Cornish pasty recipe, as well as some more unusual varieties. From the Americas to Australia, pasties derived from recipes passed down by Cornish emigrants over centuries are eaten and enjoyed by many millions of people. We invite entries from around the world to our Championships.


There are eight categories in all, with the opportunity to enter a traditional Cornish pasty or an alternative savoury pasty:

  1. Cornish Pasty – Company
  2. Cornish Pasty – Professional
  3. Cornish Pasty – Amateur
  4. Cornish Pasty Junior (15 and under)
  5. Open Savoury – Company
  6. Open Savoury - Professional
  7. Open Savoury – Amateur
  8. Open Savoury - Junior (15 and under)

Previous Championships

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World Pasty Championships 2015 logoFisherman's Friends

The championships at Eden will be a great celebration of the pasty and a chance for bakers in Cornwall and beyond to show off their talents.

Mark Muncey, chairman of the Cornish Pasty Association


Hedluv and Passman performing at Eden Project

Hedluv and Passman: The Pasty Song

Watch the Cornish rappers perform at the World Pasty Championships.