You can choose from three different themed private guided tours, one specialist guided tour, and our Become a gardener for a day experience.

Rainforest Biome private guided tour

Explore the largest rainforest in captivity. Find out how rainforests keep us alive and how to help conserve them. Explore a smallholding that grows cocoa for chocolate, compare the Malaysian back garden to your own and look out for the huge trading ship. 

  • Price for two people (including Annual Pass to Eden): £100
  • Tour length: 90 minutes
  • All tours are subject to availability and a minimum of four days' notice will be required on tour requests

Mediterranean Biome private guided tour

Experience sights, scents and stories from the Mediterranean, South Africa and California. Take a journey from olive groves to flowers born of fire, heavenly scents to fallen gods, cowboys to cork, ancient cultures to new futures.

  • Price for two people (including Annual Pass to Eden): £100
  • Tour length: 90 minutes
  • All tours are subject to availability and a minimum of four days' notice will be required on tour requests

'Chocolate-flavoured' Rainforest private tour

Cocoa trees, the source of chocolate, originally grew wild in Central and Latin America. The Aztecs and Mayans liked their cocoa brewed up with spices – the original hot chocolate! Take a journey around our Rainforest finding out about its secrets from the Tropical Islands to the Amazon. Explore our small holding of Cocoa tress where you will discover a deliciously dark tale of conquest, love and trade, then finally brew up a cup of the original hot chocolate Aztec style! 

  • Price for two people (including tasting and Annual Pass to Eden): £125
  • Tour length: 90 minutes
  • All tours are subject to availability and a minimum of four days' notice will be required on tour requests.

This tour really is the perfect way to get to know one of Britain's great destinations a little better, as well as providing an insight into what life in the rainforests might have been like 100s of years ago... It was also great fun to learn the story of chocolate!

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How to book your private guided tour

Tours are available to book at 10am or 1pm throughout the year and at 9.30am only during August.

To check availability and make a booking, please email or call Carol on 01726 811903.

You will be met in the Visitor Centre at the main entrance of the Eden Project by one of our experienced guides who will then take you on your chosen 90-minute tour. The price also includes an Annual Pass to the Eden Project.

Gardener for the Day

A unique opportunity to spend the day working alongside Eden’s horticultural team in our world famous gardens and Biomes. Designed as an exclusive session for either one person or two booking together, this is a hands-on, behind-the-scenes experience giving you the chance to pick up tips and techniques from our gardeners.

The day includes:

  • Time in the Rainforest Biome, for example harvesting tropical fruits and spices while helping to tend the Malaysian home garden. 
  • An optional trip up to the top of the Rainforest Biome for an aerial view.
  • Planting tender vegetables or harvesting citrus fruits in the Mediterranean Biome, depending on the season. You may also get the opportunity to tend olives in the olive terraces or prune grape vines in the vineyard.
  • Outdoor gardening, such as sowing seeds, pruning trees and shrubs, mulching borders or harvesting fruit and vegetables. Plus a trip to our compost yard.
  • Lunch and refreshments, including a cuppa with the gardeners.
  • A gift to take home, plus a certificate.

What people say:
“I just wanted to say thank you so much for organising a fantastic day for my mum; she hasn't stopped talking about her day with the gardeners since she got back! I am so pleased she had a wonderful time." - Jade Oliver, who arranged a gardener for a day experience for her mother

Read a review in the Independent.

Prices and dates
We are offering this Gardener for the Day experience on Thursdays and Fridays. The experience costs £99 for one person, including lunch and refreshments, and is currently available to over 18s only. We are also offering the experience for two people to book together for a total of £175.  

How to book the experience
To arrange a date for the experience that suits you, to buy a gift experience, or for any practical queries, please complete our booking form.

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