You can include a maximum of eight people on your tour; valid Eden admission will also be required for entry. 

Guide and Horticulture Tours last for around 90 minutes and cost £65 (apart from the ‘Chocolate-flavoured’ Rainforest tour, which costs £85). Seasonal tours last for around 60 minutes and cost £65. 

All tours are subject to availability and a minimum of four working days' notice will be required on tour requests. 

How to book your private guided tour

Tours are available to book at 10am or 1pm throughout the year.

To check availability and make a booking, please email or call 01726 811903. Or, to claim your 10% off as an Eden Project Member, please contact our Membership team on 01726 811932 or

You will be met in the Visitor Centre at the main entrance of the Eden Project by your guide, who will then take you on your chosen tour. 

Choose from one of the following tours:

Eden Guide tours

Rainforest Biome

Explore the largest rainforest in captivity. Find out how rainforests keep us alive and how to help conserve them. Walk around the tropical rainforests of the world and tell you their secrets; you will come across a Malaysian garden, a cocoa and rubber plantation and spices that changed the world.

Mediterranean Biome

Experience sights, scents and stories from the Mediterranean, South Africa and California. Take a journey from olive groves to flowers born of fire, heavenly scents to fallen gods, cowboys to cork, ancient cultures to new futures.

'Chocolate-flavoured' Rainforest tour

Cocoa trees, the source of chocolate, originally grew wild in Central and Latin America. The Aztecs and Mayans liked their cocoa brewed up with spices – the original hot chocolate. Take a journey around our Rainforest finding out about its secrets from the tropical islands to the Amazon. Explore our smallholding of cocoa trees where you will discover a deliciously dark tale of conquest, love and trade, then finally brew up a cup of the original hot chocolate Aztec style!

Horticulture tours

Rainforest Biome

Experience the largest rainforest in captivity as your guide takes you through the steamy jungle of Malaysia, West Africa and South America. You will get to experience the sights and smells of this unique Biome and be able to touch the plants and crops learning about how they provide us with foods, materials and medicines.

Mediterranean Biome

Be inspired by the beauty and tranquillity of our Mediterranean Biome, as your guide leads you on an evocative journey through olives, herbs and citrus varieties. You’ll also explore the Mediterranean region of Western Australia, in our major new garden celebrating the unique and exotic flora to be found there – discover iconic grass trees, flamboyant kangaroo paws and the spectacle of everlastings flowering en masse.

The Outdoor Garden private guided tour

Unearth the story of how we created an abundant landscape from ex-industrial, barren beginnings. Hear about our project to create a National Collection of Kniphofia, and discover the ever-changing plants within our herbaceous borders. You may even have the opportunity to get hands-on and do some gardening with our ‘green team’!

Fruit And Veg From Afar

Discover our Malaysian home garden and West African chop farm – learn what the locals eat, cook and grow in their gardens.

Seasonal tours

Rainforest futures

Available in June, July, September and October Learn more about deforestation and the continuing challenges of palm oil. Discover the latest ground-breaking ways in which these issues are being tackled, and how we can all take steps to help.

Global gardens

Available in June, July, September and October Serving up a feast of knowledge for the vegetable grower! Explore new twists on traditional favourites, along with exotic and unusual varieties from far-flung corners of the world – all successfully grown right here in the UK. You’ll learn how to produce and cook these amazing vegetables, and of course, there’ll be an opportunity to taste them first-hand.

Bees and the cut flower garden

Available in June and July Come and experience how we work with our brilliant bees and our prolific cut flower garden. You’ll learn how to grow and make your own beautiful bouquets and perfect posies.

Cut Flower Garden and the Apple Orchard

Available in September and October Autumn brings an abundance of delicious apples to Eden, and you can learn all about our different varieties and how we press these to make cider. For a floral flourish, you’ll learn first-hand how to grow and make beautiful bouquets and perfect posies from your own garden.