What to look for in April

Rainforest Biome

The steamy rainforest is full of colour this month, with purple Ipomoea, pure white peace lilies, Spathiphyllum, gorgeous red Hibiscus and Heliconia.

The stunningly beautiful jade vine, Strongylodon macrobotrys, is in flower, with its pendant trusses of turquoise, claw-shaped flowers.

The new Weather Maker section of the Canopy Walkway is now open, and you can trek across the thrilling aerial rope bridge, and experience life in the forest canopy with your head in the clouds.

Mediterranean Biome

The iconic grass trees, Xanthorrhoea, that epitomize the Australian bush, now sit happily amidst many  flowering shrubs of the region, like Acacia alarta, Banksia, Grevillea and the lovely purple-flowered Hardenbergia violacea. Kangaroo paws are in flower, including the striking black and green species, Macropidia fuliginosa, and the Australian iris, Patersonia is also blooming.

In the Perfume Garden, the beautiful Damask rose is in full flower with its heavenly perfume, and South Africa is showing off its princess protea, Protea grandiceps.

Our wonderful tulip displays provide a feast of vibrant colour, and will be followed later this month by Persian buttercups, Ranunculus asiaticus – a stunning collection of showy, rose-like blooms in shades of deepest pink, purple, red, yellow and orange – bred from wild forms found in the eastern Mediterranean and south-west Asia, and used as ornamentals and cut flowers. 

Outdoor gardens

Glorious displays of spring-flowering bulbs at every turn, greet visitors to the gardens this month, and in the Japanese swale, these are accompanied by the fragrant blossom of Magnolia ‘Leonard Messel’, and other gorgeous trees.

The Plane tree steps create a harmonious palette of yellows, whites and blues, with drifts of Erythronium and late-flowering Narcissus, while the Outdoor Med is the very essence of spring, where the handsome Euphorbia characias displays its chartreuse-green flowers amongst delicate Fritilaria persica and bold Scilla peruviana.

Elsewhere in the gardens, look out for the clusters of red buds on Viburnum x burkwoodii 'Mohawk', opening to sweetly-scented pink and white flowers.