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Our horticulturist Catherine talks through some of the botanical wonders in the garden.

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What to look for in October

Mediterranean Biome

There are chillies galore in the Biome this month, with fruits of all shapes, sizes and varying degrees of heat, as measured on the Scoville scale, from the mild and fruity to the hottest of the hot!

By way of contrast, in the Perfume Garden, there is an atmosphere of pure calm, where the night-blooming jasmine, Cestrum nocturnum, is in full flower, and best appreciated and admired at the end of the day, when its gorgeous perfume is at its most powerful.

Outdoor gardens

On a glorious autumn morning, don’t miss the beautiful Liquidambar styraciflua, with its feathery leaves glowing in shades of gold, crimson and purple, found by the top of the Land Train route, and the zelkovas and acers in the Japanese Swale Garden by the Core. 

Fascicularia bicolor, a rosette-forming terrestrial bromeliad, in Plants for Dry Places is well worth a visit, and the salvias are still looking great. There is plenty of mouth-watering fruit and veg – including squashes and pumpkins – to be seen in the various crop beds across site, and in Global Gardens.

Rainforest Biome

In the depths of steamy West Africa, our agroforestry exhibit tells the great story of the ‘More People, More Trees’ project in Cameroon. This encourages and teaches farmers how to propagate local fruit trees and grow them in agroforestry systems, saving the soil, producing more food and making money for their communities.

See the fruit trees growing along with our brilliant artists’ representations of the fruit and products – bush mango, cola nuts, saffou fruits and rhicinodendron nuts.