Embark on a brave journey of discovery to see how many rampaging prehistoric creatures you can track down, come face to face with the ferocious Australovenator, meet our dinosaur specialists, and test your survival skills – have you got what it takes to live with the dinosaurs at Eden?

Look out, there’s a dinosaur about!

Watch your step as you explore Eden this summer. Behind every tree, under every bush, there could be a dinosaur waiting to meet you…how many can you find? A ravenous Australovenator (see it in this video) has come to visit (and brought a few friends for company) so step bravely into an ancient, exotic landscape, grab your Adventure Journal, and trek across site to seek them out.

Free Adventure Journal

Inside your free Adventure Journal you will find all of the information that you need to become a Certified Dino Expert, plus lots more. Be sure to keep your Journal with you and collect the stamps as you complete all of our dino activities at Eden.

Inside the Domain of the Dinosaurs

Step back boldly into the Domain of the Dinosaurs and journey into a landscape from 67 million years ago to explore a world of prehistoric beasts, from the mini to the mighty. Dive into a magical underwater scene to marvel at ancient sea life. Cower in the shadow of a life size T.rex, and peep into a nest of Dromaeosaurus babies. This immersive experience promises to be a sensory feast that you will never forget.

The Palaeo camp

Welcome to Palaeo Camp. Here, you can hone your palaeontology skills in our Dig Pit, sharpen your dinosaur knowledge and complete your Dino Expert training.

Dig Pit

We think we’ve found a Stegosaurus buried beneath the landscape of Eden. Help us with our excavation using all of your palaeontology skills, and find out how scientists pieced together the giants of the past. Burrow down through history... what’s that beneath the layers… is it a shell, is it a rock? No… it’s a dinosaur bone!

Dino Expert training 

Join our Dino Expert Training team to learn the skills that you will need to co-exist with the dinosaurs. Try out some of our skills activities and sharpen up your dinosaur knowledge. Could you outrun a T-rex? It’s time to find out.


How well do you know your dinosaur skeletons? Can you tell a T-rex from a Stegosaurus? Use our Jigsaurus puzzles to test your palaeontology skills and piece together creatures from the past.

Dinosaurs and astronomy sessions

Come and look through a microscope or handle a 4.5 million-year-old meteorite, as Brian Sheen from the Roseland Observatory joins us, bringing with him some fascinating objects and interesting facts. 

Why dinosaurs at Eden?

Eden explores how people can work together and with nature towards a better future.  

Why dinosaurs?

  • They are a great way to reconnect youngsters with nature (from a different point of view). 
  • No plants – no life. The dinosaur extinction shows the fragility of life and… its amazing capacity to recover (NB. the little mammals took over – us!). 
  • A shot over our bows. We (humans) have conscious thought – we can help form our futures by the way we act.

Why train explorers? 

  • Explorer skills are essential for reconnecting with nature and helping shape our future.

Online reviews

Dinosaur Uproar is featured in the Independent’s best new family attractions this summer.

What people are saying on social media

  • Thank you @edenproject for a brilliant day! My son was so excited about seeing the Dinosaurs, you certainly made his day!
  • Had a lovely day at Eden @edenproject in Cornwall with my niece. A must if you are nearby.
  • Awesome exhibit! Amazing evening with my nephew – the dinosaurs were fantastic! Go see them!
  • My son loved travelling back to the time of the dinosaurs @edenproject today. Great exhibition, activities and staff.
  • An amazing day at @edenproject totally outdid themselves!


Dinosaur lurking in our Rainforest Biome

Follow our intrepid security guards as they investigate an alarm set off in our rainforest.

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Enter the Domain of the Dinosaurs

Tour our incredible immersive experience.

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Farting dinosaur

A vivid illustration of the size and power of dinosaurs!

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