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Watch as a pterosaur hatches from an egg that we found in our Rainforest Biome!

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Come face to face with a pack of life-size moving dinosaurs. Marvel at their monstrous jaws stripped down to bare bone (complete with gleaming, full-size teeth). Learn more about their habits and ways of hunting down their dinner. 

Watch out for our roving T. rex and Triceratops as you stroll through the Outdoor Gardens – they may have given their handlers the slip and be lurking around every corner and behind every tree (you may also spot some gentler baby creatures that the little ones can make friends with).


Be amazed by the secret life of the prehistoric seas. Dive into oceanic depths to ‘swim’ with ancient aquatic creatures that will astound you with their playful and unearthly ways. Watch wide-eyed from a distance or be brave enough to get up close to the majestic plesiosaur.   


Wonder at winged rulers of the skies swooping through the Mediterranean Biome, as we invite you to meet our pterosaurs. From the strange-looking Dimorphodon with its oversized head to the mighty Pteradon, learn little known facts about these ancient flying reptiles.  

Details and timings of dinosaur activities

  • Discovery Journal: Inside your Discovery Journal you will find lots of ways to sharpen your dinosaur knowledge. Keep your journal with you, and collect the stamps as you complete the activities around Eden. You can pick up your journal in the Visitor Centre, Palaeo Camp and the Information Kiosk in the Link Building, or download it here (PDF).
  • Warning: Dinosaurs operating in this area: Take care as you walk around Eden, as some dinosaurs have made this habitat their home. These creatures are extremely dangerous, so please remain calm and approach them with caution. There will be a dinosaur appearance every hour, on the hour in the Orchard near the Arena in the middle of the Eden site at 11am–7pm (Mon–Thurs) and 11am–5pm (Fri, Sat and Sun). Warning signs in the area give you more information about which dinosaur we expect to spot when.
  • Land and Sea Discovery: During the Mesozoic era there was a huge diversity of life on earth. Warm seas teemed with life. Giant marine reptiles swam with sharks, among beautiful coral reefs. Terrifying carnivorous dinosaurs hunted for their prey and herbivores roamed the woods and plains. This exhibit in the big white Stage structure in the Arena will be open all day. 
  • Palaeo Camp: Here, you can hone your palaeontology skills in our dig pit and uncover prehistoric treasures.
    • The Dig Pit: Help us with our excavation, and find out how scientists pieced together the giants of the past. Located in the Palaeo Camp tents in the Arena. Open 9.30am–7.30pm (Mon-Thurs), 9.30am–5.30pm (Fri, Sat and Sun)
    • Trapped in Time: Discover the secrets hidden within amber. Use a magnifying glass to study animal material from millions of years ago. Located in the Palaeo Camp tents in the Arena. Open 9.30am–7.30pm (Mon-Thurs), 9.30am–5.30pm (Fri, Sat and Sun).
    • Pieces of History: How well do you know the mighty ichthyosaur? Can you piece together a fossil to see what this prehistoric creature of the seas looked like? Located in the Palaeo Camp tents in the Arena. Open 9.30am–7.30pm (Mon-Thurs), 9.30am–5.30pm (Fri, Sat and Sun).
  • Dino Watch: Come and enjoy a show that was 65 million years in the making. We will be investigating the wonderful world of pterosaurs and will be visited by a special guest from the past. It will be pre-hysterical. Located in Citrus in the Mediterranean Biome – see the board at this location for performance times.
  • Storytelling: Immerse yourself in our stories of flight. Step into a world where anything is possible and the sky’s the limit. Located in Citrus in the Mediterranean Biome – see the board at this location for performance times.

Dinos by night

Enjoy a night out with our prehistoric friends.  During the summer, we’re open until 8pm Monday to Thursday, so you can choose to visit us for the whole day or just stop by on your way home from the beach. What's more, if you buy your ticket at the Visitor Centre after 3.30pm over the summer, you'll be able to get your tickets for a discounted rate. Get more details on our tickets page

Relaxed sessions

We are offering some relaxed sessions for children with autism spectrum condition, sensory and communication needs or learning disabilities who may benefit from a more informal experience. They will take place on the mornings of the following Fridays and Saturdays: 30 July; 5, 6, 12, 13, 19, 20, 26, 27 August; and 2 September. 

The Eden site will be open from 8am to allow time for you to journey down. The Stage (the large white structure in the middle of our site, where the main dinosaur exhibition is based) will be open from 8am to 9.30am exclusively for those booked onto the session. There will be special access to the main Eden dinosaur exhibition for you to enjoy at your own pace in a more calm and gentle environment followed by an opportunity to meet the dinosaur puppets in person and enjoy a hands-on sensory experience with them. The sessions will be limited to a max 50 people; this is a mix of adults and children. 

From 9:30am onwards you are very welcome to stay and enjoy the rest of the Eden site including the other dinosaur activities. Our Adventure Journal leaflet and signage will feature accessible information allowing all children to enjoy Dinosaur Uprising. 

Please note that booking is required, and upon booking you will be emailed a pre-visit information pack enabling you to prepare for your visit. You will also need to buy an Eden admission ticket.

Online reviews

Our Dinosaur Uproar 2015 event was featured in the Independent’s best new family attractions.

What people are saying on social media this year:

  • We have been to see the dinosaurs today, wow, every year it gets better and better!!
  • Fab day @edenproject! 3 year old so excited to see real dinosaurs... 6 year old loved playing paleontologist
  • Captivating storytelling from from Dino Watch @edenproject. Hilarious as well as fascinating. 
  • Dinosaur Uprising at @edenproject is amazing! Definitely recommend visiting
  • A truly unique, engaging and interactive experience for all of us.
  • Had a lovely time with the dinosaurs. Our daughter got a surprise when the T Rex came up to her in her wheelchair and snuggled into her. Made her day and ours.
  • Probably the only T-Rex selfie I'll ever take! Great fun