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Dinosaur activities

Here's what happened in 2014 - we'll be putting details of the 2015 programme on this page nearer to the event.

  • The Crater of the Tyrant King - Dare you enter the Crater? You'll encounter the most feared predator of all, a Tyrannosaurus rex, as it devours its Triceratops prey! Don't miss this incredibly detailed immersive experience - it's a sensory feast that you'll never forget! Step boldly into an ancient, exotic landscape of raw earth, rocks, roots, ferns, dripping mosses and giant redwood trees, habitat of the frog, snake and giant centipede. As you walk through atmospheric morning mist, you'll hear pterosaurs soaring overhead and smell the subtle scent of conifers on the air. Note for parents and carers of youngsters (of a possibly nervous disposition): the Crater of the Tyrant King is an authentic and immersive experience. It shows a very realistic (and slightly gory!) scene. Please check with our staff if you have any questions/concerns before joining the queue.  
  • Dinosaur exhibition - In our Core building, discover why people are so fascinated by dinosaurs. Find out why scientists think they were so BIG and why they think they were wiped out 65 million years ago. The exhibition also features an amazing collection of dinosaur fossils that has never been publicly exhibited before, including real dinosaur eggs, a fossilised brain, a whole skeleton and a real T-rex tooth.
  • Adventure Journal - When you arrive at Eden you'll be given a free Adventure Journal where you can record details of your adventure here. See what's in the Adventure Journal (PDF).

Why dinosaurs at Eden?

Eden explores how people can work together and with nature towards a better future.  

Why dinosaurs?

  • They are a great way to reconnect youngsters with nature (from a different point of view). 
  • No plants – no life. The dinosaur extinction shows the fragility of life and… its amazing capacity to recover (NB. the little mammals took over – us!). 
  • A shot over our bows. We (humans) have conscious thought – we can help form our futures by the way we act.

Why train explorers? 

  • Explorer skills are essential for reconnecting with nature and helping shape our future.


Dare you enter the Crater of the Tyrant King?

Come face to face with a life-size Tyrannosaurus rex!

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The escaped dinosaur

Watch Dr Stein try to track down his fearsome creation at Eden!

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