Cardboard Arcade

See what this multi-player arcade experience is like.

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L_ve Hangman

A classic game reimagined as a 70s gameshow!

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Massive Battleships

See the fun you could have playing this giant version of the classic game.

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Here's what happened in 2016:

Venue: pathway behind the giant bee sculpture

  • Massive Battleships: Join ‘Mufti Games’  for a super-sized team version of the classic naval guessing game.  Using binoculars, flags and flashcards to signal spectacular hits and unlucky misses hundreds of yards apart, it’s all hands on deck to try and sink the enemy’s aircraft carriers, destroyers and submarines before they sink yours.

Venue: Citrus Grove, Mediterranean Biome

  • L_ve Hangman: ‘Mufti Games’ present a life-sized, 3D version of the timeless pen and paper favourite, reimagined as a macabre light-entertainment game show from the 70s. 
  • Storytelling: Help our storytellers to build a story with the roll of a dice

Venue: Core building, ground floor 

  • Jelle’s Knikkerbaan Marble Run: See the astonishing marble run, designed and built by marble virtuoso Jelle Bakker. See some of his marvellous and enormous creations on his YouTube Channel
  • 8-bit Magnets: Create your own 8-bit world with our colourful magnetic tiles.

Venue: Core building, mezzanine level

  • Cardboard Arcade: Join forces and explore the creative world of gaming as you enjoy multi-player arcade games brought to you by Unstable King. 
  • The History of Gaming: Look back at the history of computer consoles and discover how they have changed our lives and the way that we play. Take a trip down memory lane, then take a glimpse at the future – with a virtual reality headset.
  • Coding Workshops: As we enter into a new age of technology, try your hand at coding and be inspired by its potential to change our everyday lives.
  • Make a Marble Run: Get inspired by Jelle’s incredible marble run on the ground floor, then pop along and create your own marble masterpiece. 
  • Subbuteo Championship: Do you remember this classic football game? Dust off your skills or come and try your hand at Subbuteo for the first time. It’s an exciting  game for kids and grown-ups alike.

Venue: Core building, top floor

  • Crazes and Compendiums: Enter a world of games and crazes. Play one of our many board games or playground games, or choose a game from our eclectic compendium.  

Venue: Rainforest Biome

  • Tropical games: In every corner of the world people are playing games. Join our narrator team in the Palms area of our Rainforest to learn and play some games from the tropical areas of the world. 

'Game on' was perfect for my gamer husband and my five-year-old loved the games and even did some coding. His favourite thing was the marble run though! The virtual reality experience was AMAZING. Really enjoyed the hangman in the Med Biome, really entertaining and funny.

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