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Cardboard Arcade

See what this multi-player arcade experience is like.

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Hama bead Eden Project

Our design is made from over 2,300 beads!

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If you do anything this half term, take part in Massive Battleships @edenprojectcornwall It was the BEST fun! 

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'Game on' was perfect for my gamer husband and my five-year-old loved the games and even did some coding. His favourite thing was the marble run though! The virtual reality experience was AMAZING.
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'Congratulations @edenproject for another outstanding half term #gameon! Loved all the retro gaming! My 10yr old was very impressed.' Twitter comment

What happened in 2017...

In the Stage: 

Cardboard Arcade: Join forces and explore the creative world of gaming as you enjoy multi-player arcade games brought to you by Unstable King. 

Are you afraid of heights? Take an elevator to our plank that sits 160m high above the ground in our virtual reality experience, then dare to walk to the end! 

The History of Gaming: Look back at the history of the computer console and discover how they have changed our lives and the way that we play.  Take a trip down memory lane and glimpse at the future with the VR Vive headset (over 13s only)

Giant Gaming Controller: Team up and work together on our huge Nintendo controller.

Crazes and Compendiums: Enter a world of games and crazes. Choose a game from our eclectic compendium to sit down to play with your family and friends. 

Puzzle Boxes: Work out how to get inside these Russian doll style puzzle boxes.

Marble Maze: Find our giant maze table in the middle of the stage and work together to raise and lower each side to guide the ball through the maze.

Pixel Pictures: Create your own 8 bit image to take home.

In the Arena:

Go-karts: Whiz round our track and join the ongoing battle between Blue vs Yellow. Age and height restrictions apply.

In the Orchard: 

Join us for some fun in the orchard, from classic garden games to some supersized favourites, swing ball to giant Guess Who?

Massive Battleships: Join Mufti Games for a super-sized team version of the classic naval guessing game – sign up essential from 10am.

Using binoculars, flags and flash cards to signal spectacular hits and unlucky misses hundreds of yards apart, it’s all hands on deck to try and sink the enemy’s aircraft carriers, destroyers and submarines before they sink yours.

Join the crew and use all your cunning to call in the shots and plot your opponents’ downfall.

Daily from 11am, 12pm, 2.30pm, 3.30pm

In the Mediterranean Biome: 

Storytelling in the Citrus Grove: The Eden Storytellers have a fun-filled collection of stories to tell throughout the day, look out for times at the link info and in the Med Biome.

Relaxed sessions

We are offering some relaxed sessions for children with autism spectrum condition, sensory and communication needs or learning disabilities who may benefit from a more informal experience.

The Eden site will be open from 8am to allow time for you to journey down. The Arena and Stage area will be open from 8am to 9.30am exclusively for those booked onto the session. There will be special access to the main Game On activities for you to enjoy at your own pace. The sessions will be limited to a max 100 people; this is a mix of adults and children.

From 9.30am onwards you are very welcome to stay and enjoy the rest of the Eden site. 

Please note that booking is required, and upon booking, you will be emailed a pre-visit information pack enabling you to prepare for your visit.

'Thank you for putting on the relaxed session... My family came today and had a trip out without the problems that queuing causes and without the noise of crowds. You have no idea what a difference this makes.' 
Parent's comment