These half-hour sessions take place daily in the Mediterranean Biome. See the full programme below.

Space experts programme

31 August & 1 September: The frontiers of space exploration – and how you could play a part!

Sophie Allan, National Space Academy Lead Educator, National Space Centre

From alien hunting to understanding the origin of the Universe, the next 30 years of space exploration promises to be a hugely exciting time. With demonstrations and discussion, this talk will look at how you could be a part of the next generation of space explorers.

When: 12 and 1.45pm 

2 & 3 September: Maddie Moate's mission to Mars

Maddie Moate, Children's presenter of Cbeebies Do You Know? and YouTuber 

You’ll get off to an explosive start as you discover how rockets work. Then you’ll climb into your spacesuits and use Maddie's special camera to find out how they are made. On a spacewalk you’ll get a good whiff of the planets as we experience the smells of space and you'll end with a fun lesson in robotics as you go in search of the Mars Rover!

When: 12 and 1.45pm