Hedluv and Passman: The Pasty Song

Watch the Cornish rappers perform at the World Pasty Championships.

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Kernow King

Watch Cornwall's best comedian get excited about the 2016 Championships!

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As the Eden Project is based in Cornwall, our World Pasty Championships celebrate the traditional Cornish pasty recipe, as well as some more unusual varieties. From the Americas to Australia, pasties derived from recipes passed down by Cornish emigrants over centuries are eaten and enjoyed by many millions of people. We invite entries from around the world to our Championships.

Take part in the competition


There are eight categories in all, with the opportunity to enter a traditional Cornish pasty or an alternative savoury pasty:

  1. Cornish Pasty – Company, sponsored by Carters Packaging
  2. Cornish Pasty – Professional, sponsored by Allied Mills
  3. Cornish Pasty – Amateur, sponsored by Cornish Mining World Heritage Site
  4. Cornish Pasty Junior (15 and under), sponsored by Craft Bakers Association
  5. Open Savoury – Company, sponsored by Trewithen Dairy
  6. Open Savoury - Professional
  7. Open Savoury – Amateur
  8. Open Savoury - Junior (15 and under)

The entry fee is £10 per category, or £5 for the junior categories, and includes admission to Eden for the entrant plus one.

How to enter

All you need to do to enter the World Pasty Championships is:

  1. Purchase your entry/ies online by Friday March 4 (registrations may close beforehand if numbers exceed our limit). 
  2. Complete the registration form with details about you and your pasty – sent to you by email immediately following the purchase of your entry. Until you have completed this form, you will not be entered into the competition.
  3. Bake two pasties per entry (one will be judged and one will be put on display on the day in a Pasty Hall of Fame)
  4. Bring your chilled pasties to the Eden Project on Saturday March 5, from 9am to 10am

    Read the full rules, terms and conditions of entry here.

Come along to watch

The annual celebration is always a showcase for home-grown musical and comedy talent and culminates in the much-anticipated Oggy Oscar ceremony – and this year it takes place on St Piran's Day!

There'll be comedy from the Kernow King and music from the Fisherman’s Friends, Seth Lakeman, Hedluv and Passman, and much more. 

2015 results

  • World Pasty Champion, Open savoury junior category: Daniel Beddoes (BBQ chicken)
  • World Pasty Champion, Cornish pasty junior category: Michael Webb
  • World Pasty Champion, Open savoury company category: Prima Bakeries (steak, onions, peppercorn sauce)
  • World Pasty Champion, Cornish pasty company category: West Cornwall Pasty Company
  • World Pasty Champion, Open savoury professional category: Luisa Ead (smoked haddock)
  • World Pasty Champion, Cornish pasty professional category: Andy Heath
  • World Pasty Champion, Open savoury amateur category: Jorge Pereira (Chilean pasty)
  • World Pasty Champion, Cornish pasty amateur category: Betty Lethbridge
  • World Pasty Ambassador award: Marion Symonds

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