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As the Eden Project is based in Cornwall, our World Pasty Championships celebrate the traditional Cornish pasty recipe, as well as some more unusual varieties. From the Americas to Australia, pasties derived from recipes passed down by Cornish emigrants over centuries are eaten and enjoyed by many millions of people.

We've invited entries from around the world to our championships, and we'll set the table for both amateur and professional bakers to parade their wares. The championships are supported by the Cornish Pasty Association.

Alternatively, you can join us for a day of celebrations of all things Cornish, with a brilliant line-up of live music and comedy throughout the day.

2017 winners

Cornish Pasty Amateur

1 - Vanessa Farr from Bristol

2 - Emma Pugsley from London

3 - Barry Metters from Saltash

Cornish Pasty Professional

1 - Gerry Ramier from St. Catherine’s, Ontario, Canada

2 - Ryan Smedley

3 - Ross Buist from Scorrier.

Cornish Pasty Junior

1 - Robert Mowbray, 13, from Wadebridge.

2 - Kelly Turnbull, 14, from Torpoint.

3 - Jack Fuller, 10, from Wadebridge.

Cornish Pasty Company

1 - Cornish Premier Pasties

2 - Prima Bakeries

3 - The Cornish Bakery

Open Savoury Professional

1 - David Timmins from St Columb with a Cornish steak and kidney pasty.

2 - Nik Brown from Liskeard with a steak, stout and mature cheddar pasty.

3 - Craig Blackborough from Callington with a bacon, brie and chutney pasty.

Open Savoury Amateur

1 - Don McKeever from Bristol with the “Boeuf BourguignDon”

2- Jon Lovejoy from Plymouth with a beef, pork, mozzarella and parmesan pasty.

3 - Terry O'Connor from Watford with a chicken, gammon and carrot pasty.

Open Savoury Junior

1 - Megan Packer, 13, from Bristol with a barbeque chicken pasty.

2 - Megan Penrose, 13, from Exeter with a beef mince, onion and mozzarella pasty.

3 - Naomi Hawkins, 6, from Wadebridge with a gammon, leek and cheddar pasty.

Gluten-Free Amateur

1 - Samantha Burgess from Middlewich Cheshire.

2 - Roger Richards from Camborne.

Open Savoury Company

1 - Cornish Premier Pasties with a Red Thai Chicken pasty,

2 - Friary Mill Bakery with a Curried Chicken Pasty.

3 - West Cornwall Pasty Co. with a Green Thai Vegetable Pasty. 

Championship categories

Our categories are split into two sections: Cornish pasties (made in Cornwall following a traditional recipe) and open savoury categories for pasties with creative fillings or pasties from outside Cornwall. 

This is because the Cornish pasty enjoys a special protected status (Protected Geographical Indication), and only pasty makers based in Cornwall who make pasties in a traditional manner and follow a traditional recipe are able to label their products as Cornish pasties. 


Choose to make either a Cornish pasty or a savoury pasty in the following sub-categories:

  • Company, sponsored by Carters Packaging and Hay Farm Produce: Representatives from companies (bakeries, butchers, pubs, corner shops etc) that have undergone a PGI audit.
  • Professional, sponsored by Heygates Flours and GrainsThose who work in the catering industry as a professional baker or cook, who are entering their own pasties under their own name.
  • Amateur, sponsored by Cornish Mining World Heritage Site and Mono EquipmentPeople aged 16 and over on the date of the competition (4 March 2017) who do not work in the catering industry as a professional baker or cook.
  • Junior, sponsored by Craft Bakers AssociationPeople aged 15 and under on the date of the competition (4 March 2017).
  • Gluten-free: A new category for 2017, for amateur bakers, who should follow the Coeliac UK’s guide.

You can get more details on these categories on our guidance page.

How to enter the championships

Registration is now closed for the 2017 World Pasty Championships.