14-15 January: Far-out FORCES                

Get hands-on with awesome activities and a measure of mayhem from Ministry of Science. This is not your ordinary science show – it comes with a bang. It comes with a whoosh. Fingers in ears advised….

21-22 January: Amazing SPACE

Explore the secrets of the universe, with Universarama from the hugely-popular Squashbox Theatre. Using only silly puppets, ridiculous and unnecessary props, ludicrous wigs and assorted fruits and vegetables, Professor Johnson will take you on a journey through the solar system, past distant stars and galaxies, to the edges of space and time!

28-29 January: Mighty MICROBES

Horrible Science’s Nick Arnold uncovers the truth behind microscopic monsters. Nick will present his special Super-Funny Microbes Show, based on the bestselling books - get ready for Horrible Fun, scary stories, queasy quizzes and evil experiments. Science has never been so squishy! 


Part of ‘Invisible Worlds’, a new permanent exhibition opening at Eden in spring 2018.